Is Napa Regulating Out Small, “Startup” Wineries?

a sign in front of a vineyard

Walter Olson at Overlawyered wrote about an article on Napa Wineries.  His lead in got me: Regulation is helping make the Napa Valley “a weird museum for rich people†… Naturally, I was intrigued. He linked to an article on Coyote Blog that talks about the different regulations new wineries have …

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Sale on Wine Pass — Complimentary Tastings and More!

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Every year, I’ve been a subscriber to the Virginia Wine Pass.  This pass is valid at over 100 wineries (and now some cideries/meaderies) and can get you bottle discounts, BOGO tastings/glasses, and complimentary tastings.  The card is good for two people. Each year, the card is for sale and is valid …

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How to Revive Near Flat Champagne

I just came across this interesting experiment about reviving near-flat champagne. It’s useful with Valentine’s day coming, but let’s be honest–there’s always a good excuse for champagne. Apparently, you can revive near flat (but not totally flat) champagne with raisins.  This article goes into the how-to. Crazy! I think the best way …

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Drinking Around the New SFO Centurion Lounge

a green wall with plants on the side

The new SFO Centurion Lounge got our attention.  It specializes in Napa-based wines and rumor has it that we might like wine on this blog.  Our dear friend, Michael, was checking out the lounge when it opened. He wrote a review of the lounge overall and you can find that on …

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How to Find that Wine You Loved Again

My favorite wine finder My previous career (and lifelong calling) was bartending.  We rotated our wines at one of the bars and I’d occasionally have customers stop back in again to get a wine they loved again. Their faces would fall when I’d tell them about our rotating wine menus.  I …

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Gorgeous New Wine Bottle Labels at Hyatts

The complementary wine option at most Hyatts in the US is the Canvas brand wines.  I’ve written in the past about how they are actually good, and I usually get them when I stay in a Hyatt.  (Though I feel bad when I’m solo and don’t finish the bottle!) Each …

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