How to Find that Wine You Loved Again

My favorite wine finder

My previous career (and lifelong calling) was bartending.  We rotated our wines at one of the bars and I’d occasionally have customers stop back in again to get a wine they loved again.

Their faces would fall when I’d tell them about our rotating wine menus.  I felt awful at their disappointment, so I looked for a solution.

I discovered  This website is a great wine finder.  From their website, “The Wine-Searcher search engine lists 6,664,330 wines and prices from 48,896 merchants around the world. It is used primarily to locate and purchase specific wines at the best available price.”

For example, when I look for Ferrari-Carano wines, I receive a huge listing of where I can find them.

Wine Finder

There’s a free and pro version.  If you use the free version, if any of your results contain sponsors, the non-sponsors will be hidden.  The pro version is $39 per year.  I use the free version myself.

I wish I could go back in time to let my earlier customers know about this resource.  I did lean over and told someone next us at a restaurant about this wine finder when they were disappointed that their wine was not carried anymore.

wine finder

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