A New, Curated (Inexpensive) Wine Club Makes It Easy to Find Wines You’ll Love

On occasion, I’ve been known to drink wine.  I belong to a bunch of winery clubs which keeps my high-end collection pretty stocked.  Wine in the 10-20 area can be a huge risk so I wanted to find a better way to discover wines.

Thanks to a partnership with HelloFresh, I found out about Club W.

Club W is a wine subscription service that’s a bit different from the “wine clubs” you’ll see sent from your airline loyalty programs.  Basically, you fill out a palate profile and it selects wines based on this profile.  You can also rate wines that you’ve received in the past.

I’ve been a member for about a half of a year at this point.  I intended to subscribe for a month or two to check it out, but I keep looking forward to my shipments.

I never had a bottle I straight out disliked.  Some bottles had an alcohol bite that I found unpleasant, but the actual flavors and textures were great for me.

For example, this was delicious, but took a little bit for the alcohol bite to waft out:

club w reviews

The 2013 XO Viognier

But that’s to be expected of a wine at that price point.

This one was amazingly smooth and tasted much more expensive than it was:

club w reviews

2012 Redux Zinfandel

The bottles run about $13 each with a flat-rate shipping of $6 (which is a pretty great rate) for a total of $45.

The bottles arrive in a easy to handle box and I’ve never had a leaking bottle arrive.

The bottles include information about the tasting notes and you can load even more information on the wines by scanning a QR code.

For example:

They also have food pairing suggestions (and through their partnership with HelloFresh, suggest what meals they pair up with.  I just wish I could coordinate getting the wine for the meals that I order automatically!)

This review highlights an aspect I didn’t notice–that you can take back bad wines.

I only wish they had a larger amount of stock so I could order a case of the wines I really like a lot.

Disclaimer:  If you purchase from my links, I’ll get affiliate credit towards more wine.  I don’t drink bad wine, so I wouldn’t push one that would earn me bad wine 😉

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