What Happens If You Try to Make Sparkling Wine Using Your SodaStream

It’s Sunday morning and all you can think about is some bubbly.  (Okay, it’s Sunday evening this moment, but pretend).

champagne sparkling wine sodastream wine

All you have in the fridge is some white wine.  You look over at your SodaStream.  Should you do it?

If you’ve ever had that thought, you weren’t the first.

I had that thought about a year ago and Googled it.  (Which is what you should do before attempting any brilliant new idea).

And what I saw confirmed my suspicions.  That it was a very, very bad idea.

In this video, a kid tries to make sparkling wine for his father.

While it looks like it’s going well at first, the bottle explodes.  The final shot of the video is the wine covered ceiling.

This makes sense.  After all, the SodaStream comes with many warnings to use only water in it.

So, bad idea.

But more recently, I came across this video of a woman using wine in the SodaStream with very different results.

Just like the little kid, hers foams up pretty badly.  But she doesn’t take it off the SodaStream.  She lets it sit for a while until it settles and then she uses it.

So that made me wonder if the child’s mistake was trying to take the container off the SodaStream too quickly.

I kept searching.  I found a college student who used the SodaStream to make mimosas out of boxed wine.

Success as well.

It looked like waiting for it to settle was the key.

By the way, have college students gotten classier?  Back in my day, we were using brita filters to make our vodka taste better.  We weren’t sipping mimosas on a Sunday morning.

But anyway, I couldn’t “recommend” something without trying it myself, so here’s my go.

Well, it leaked out at the end, but it made sparkling wine.  I have one of the SodaStreams that’s a pop-in versus a screw-in, so that may have affected the amount it leaked.  But I was actually surprised that I did end up with sparkling wine.

I didn’t start with very good wine and the process didn’t exactly make it any better.  But it would be fine for a mimosa.

However, I recommend popping over the store for a bottle of J. Roget instead.  It’ll keep your counter and your SodaStream cleaner.

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  1. so cheap wine and a soda stream = mimosa time?

  2. Hilarious. I dont have a soda stream, but if it was quick and easy to make sparking wine, I might invest in one

  3. For more fun try that with milk.

  4. I bought a refrigerator this week and one of the options was a soda stream dispenser in the door. I didn’t pony up the extra $200 so I guess I’m going to miss out on mimosa dispensing right out of my refrigerator 🙂

    Oh, and if your using a Brita to filter vodka you might have a problem. Put down the mimosa on Sunday morning and head to church instead 🙂

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