This Pilot Survived a Plane Crash and 43 Hours in the Woods

A pilot recently opened up about his experience (barely) surviving a plane crash and 43 hours in the woods afterwards.

His harrowing story is located here.  But I want to warn you that there are graphic details about his injuries in the story.

He was flying with a friend around the White Mountains of New Hampshire when something happened.

white mountains of new hampshire

Steve Green, the pilot, still doesn’t know why, but the plane lost altitude.  (The NTSB’s official reason for the crash was “failure to maintain airspeed,†to which Green said, “No kidding.”)

He and his friend both survived the crash but his friend eventually died of his injuries.  Green’s injuries were severe and he was immobile.  Even though he was only three miles away from help, he had no way of getting there.

His saving grace was the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).  He wasn’t required to carry one in his plane, but he had one anyway.

A plane flying overhead just happened to pick up the signal and was able to locate him–which is really lucky.  His emergency kit was in the plane.

He is now an advocate for pilot safety in case of crashes.  He explained that ELTs aren’t required in every small craft.  If he did not have one, he would be dead now.

He also believes every pilot should carry some protection against the elements and signals on his person–just in case the pilot is immobile like Green was.

His story is definitely worth a read.  I cannot believe he managed to survive those injuries.  In addition to his story, he writes about safety (and what he would have had with him if he could go back in time).  If you do any small-craft flying, I’d check it out.  He could save someone’s life someday with his advice.

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