A Personal-Sized Air Filtration System That Can Travel With You

Allergies suck.  I’m on my fourth week of bronchitis thanks to overloading my allergies.  But it is difficult to keep allergies in check on the road.

Every new city brings a new set of allergens.  And sometimes, you can discover a new allergy while on the road.  I discovered a new one while in flight over the Pacific.

At home, things are easier.  I have a massive filtration system that makes sure I don’t have any problems with allergies.  But when I’m popping around from city to city, it’s harder to control my allergies.

That’s why I was so happy to discover this product on Kickstarter.  It is a personal-sized filtration system called Wynd.

filtration system

While it’s price tag (~$180) is a bit pricey, that’s in line with the cost of other systems.  My one at home, for example, was (sadly) four figures.

But this item is the size of a water bottle.  You can take it pretty much anywhere.

Since it’s so small, I recommend using something like this right by your face.  I would put it on the hotel night stand and sleep in the direction of the night stand.

Though it still seems pretty powerful.  According to the Kickstarter, it can “clean over 70% of particles in a typical car cabin in under 10 minutes.”

So am I in for one?  I am not yet, but I am putting up $1 so I can keep getting their updates.  For me, the risk of a Kickstarter isn’t worth the $50 savings for a product this expensive, but I will be watching it as it gets released.

As long as it works as promised, I’m in for one.

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