What if Your Hotel’s Gym is Out of Service (or non-existent!)

Sometimes I feel like I’m gone for a while month on a work trip and I need to find a way to stick to my work out routine.  It is really easy to get a work out when the hotel has a gym (and the equipment is usually nicer than my home elliptical!)

But what do you do when the hotel gym has a sign up that says “out of service” or what if you stay at a hotel that doesn’t even have a gym?


1. Ask the hotel if they have partnerships

Sometimes when the hotel gym is closed, they have a partnership with nearby gym.  I’ve never seen this advertised widely when a gym was closed, but I have had success in asking the front desk if they are sending people to another gym. Usually they have free gym passes.  If not, they probably know where the nearest gym is and how much a day pass is.

2. Use Gym Visit to find the prices and styles of gyms at your destination

A lot of corporate gyms will tell you where their locations are, but they aren’t necessarily the best option on the go.  But how do you find out about all the independent gym options?

And how do you know if it is a muscle building gym, a yoga studio, or a cardio power house?

Gym Visit will tell you what gyms are near your destination.  In addition to this, it will tell you what style the health club is, how much it costs for a day or week pass, and what amenities are available.

It’s crowd sourced, so it doesn’t have perfect knowledge of the areas, but I’ve been pretty impressed by the information I can find.

For example, for my trips to Tuscon:

Tuscon Gym

I found a Gold’s gym near where I tend to travel to and with lots of amenities.

And when I try to find more information:

Gold's Gym Tuscon

It’s $10 a day or $25 a week to stop by this gym.  I can compare this to rates at other health clubs in the area, and head over.  This combined with my fitbit, plus the lessons I’ve learned from my Fitbit, keep me going strong when on the road.

3.  Find a Personal Trainer / Independent Fitness Class at Your Destination

Ace Fitness has a directory you can search for personal trainers and independent fitness classes in the area.  It even lists the rates (when available) of the personal trainers.

If you like to meet up with a trainer every so often, you can reach out to one at a destination you are traveling to.  That way, you have something set up already and you know you’ll workout while gone.

4.  Workout in Your Room

Here’s a guide  to doing a workout within your own room.  I use exercise bands in the room while I’m traveling, and while I’ve been worried (with my luck) that one will snap and hit me in the face, it hasn’t happened yet!

Or you can search YouTube for fitness videos.

Here’s a cardio workout that doesn’t need any equipment.

The Jillian Michael’s Ab Workout

A Quick Sun Salutation

What do you do while on the road?



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  1. My pet peeve is hotel fitness centers that aren’t open 24 hours ! Why I always ask.

    Anyway. I’m a marathon runner so I typically will run outside (even in bad areas and even in odd times of day (Santa Cruz this last week at 2am)) so I don’t use the fitness center much. My motto is “gyms are for the weak” however sometimes it’s too hard to fit in a quick run or it’s way too cold so I will either run on a treadmill in the hotel or get on Hulu and do Denise Austin Pilates (yes I’m a guy but she’s awesome).

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I agree with you! I will wake up ridiculously early when I’m out on the West Coast and last time, the gym wasn’t open as early as I was waking up. It was frustrating!

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