Win a $25 Gift Card to (just cause its my birthday!)

Amazon Gift Card

I think I have this whole birthday thing backwards, but I’d like to give a reader a $25 gift card to for my birthday!


Here’s how you win.  Tweet about your favorite post on Heels First Travel, then post a link to the tweet in the comments below.

Here’s the catch–it must be a post that’s over 60 days old.  So if you favorite post was last week, please link to your second or third favorite post 😉

For instructions on how to link to a tweet, click here.

You may enter once every two hours, but you must tweet and then post a different post each time.  For a bonus entry, you can also tweet about this contest every 2 hours.  Again, post that tweet in the comments.  (Post it as a separate comment to give yourself a new entry!)

Contest ends at 11:59 Eastern Time on February 23, 2014.

Winner will be randomly chosen, but verified to make sure they followed the rules.  Heels First is not responsible for acts of God or gods, no matter how vengeful, or’s gift card delivery system, but we are willing to give advice on what shoes you should buy with the gift card!

If you do not have twitter, you may submit a Facebook post, but it must be set to public for me to verify it.

On posting public updates on Facebook.  And how to link to Facebook posts.

Again the rules are, you must tweet about your favorite post on Heels First Travel that is more than 60 days old, then post a link to the tweet in the comments below.

Happy birthday everyone!

Edit:  I’m seeing people tweet about this, so a reminder, you must post a link to the tweet in the comments.  Thanks!



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  1. I don’t need to be enrolled in that contest.
    Just want to say Happy B-day !!

  2. A happy, happy birthday to you, Jeanne, and thanks for all that you and Keri do!

  3. Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    Copying someone else’s tweet does not count as an entry 😉

  4. happy birthday girl!

  5. Sorry I don’t tweet but I love your blog anyway.

  6. This is the other post I was torn between saying was my favorite. =)

  7. As usual, I am too late to enter to win – but it’s never too late to wish you a belated happy birthday!

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