Glasses for a Wine Party on Sale on Amazon

I have my nice wine glasses.  And I have my “lots of people are coming over for a party” wine glasses.

I use Libbey for that and they are currently marked down from $28 to $16 for a dozen:



I like these for a few reasons.

When the place is full, stemless wine glasses are MUCH less likely to spill from a poorly aimed gesture.  They are far more stable and easier to leave on a table in a crowded room.

They are also much easier to clean.  I throw these guys in the dishwasher after a party.  They fit easily and they are less likely to break (though I do make sure to put them on the top rack only!)

I used to get those disposable fancy plastic cups for parties and those were far less stable and ended up being much more expensive over time.  I keep these in the boxes they come in and just pull them out for parties.

Prices on Amazon tend to change quickly, so if the price is more expensive, then the deal has ended.

Of course, if you get Tiff’s wine-in-a-can, you won’t need these glasses.

But I’ll pull out the real crystal for you!  😉

Disclaimer:  I receive a small amount of credit for purchases made on Amazon.  As always, I appreciate your support.  But if you are having a wine party, could I get an invitation?  I could bring a bottle!  It’ll be fun, I promise.  



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  1. Jeanne & Keri, is there an issue with the mobile version of your website? On my iPhone (AT&T), I pull up a page from, not Thanks!

  2. Back to $23/set… oh well.

  3. Perfect, Jeanne, thank you!

  4. Come to Toledo to the Libby glass outlet you can get them cheaper.

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