Airplane! Quote and Sound Effect Board

airplaneMuch to the chagrin of everyone around me (sorry Keri!), I have discovered an Airplane! the Movie Quote and Sound Effect sound board.  <insert spit take sound effect here>

Airplane! is the movie that almost wasn’t.  It was a spoof of a movie the directors accidentally saw.  For more information on that, check out this link.

But  more on the sound board!

Here’s the link.  No longer do you have to say the answer to “Surely  you can’t be serious!”  (Which is…?)

Also, have you noticed that while the airplane in the movie is a jet, the sound effects for the plane are from a prop plane?

The site also contains trivia about the movie and a copy of the script (just in case you don’t quite have every line memorized yet).


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  1. They left off the most important part of the movie: Barbara Billingsly speaking jive!

  2. Another fun sight-gag not everyone picks up on; when Ted is telling his story he says “I was in the Air Force” then in the flashback he’s in a Navy uniform. =)

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