A Bit More About the FitBit

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I like the FitBit on Twitter.  I’ve only had it for a week, but I do have some initial thoughts. The FitBit has been really easy to carry around, and I tend to forget I have it on me.  (With some exceptions).  …

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Weight Gain and Traveling

Traveling can feel glamorous sometimes–popping off to Napa for a wine tasting weekend, heading out to Paris for some macarons, or sampling the flavors of the Big Easy. Traveling can be delicious, but it also limits us from our regular schedule.  It isn’t as easy to workout, for example.  And …

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How My Breasts Terrified a Farmers’ Market

When I’m not traveling, I try to keep my habits as healthy as possible–well, because it is really difficult to keep up good habits on the road. Because of this, I spend my weekends home going to Farmers’ Markets, picking up fresh produce and other local products.  The other thing …

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