Working Out on the Road and Gambling

I am about to embark on two straight weeks of traveling.  I’ll head to Tuscon, Arizona, head back to home base for 24 hours, head out for Las Vegas, NV, then after stopping in DC for a couple of hours, head out to Boston.


The thing that has worried me the most about this traveling is getting a workout done.  My first destination does not have a gym and I’m not a get out and run type of person.  In fact, I hate running.  Despite being involved in athletics my whole life, I still can’t breathe properly when running, so I’m ten seconds from passing out every time I try.

I’m afraid that bad habits from not having a gym my first five days of traveling will translate onto the rest of the trip.  And then I would come home very out of shape and extremely sore from the traveling.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before but Keri and I are not just traveling partners–we are gym partners!  So I also owe it to her to remain able to “keep up” once I return.

I took to social media and asked for suggestions.  Many of them were great for strength training: Resistance bands, chair exercises… martini lifting (wait, what?!).  But I was also missing cardio.  So I ordered a set of hotel-friendly resistance bands, a travel yoga mat and… a jump rope.  I’ve never used a jump rope before in my life, so I’ll definitely let you know how that goes for better or for worse.  Probably worse.

I also found a cycling gym one mile from my hotel that charges by the class instead of through memberships.  I’ll see if I can head there.  I’ll give everyone my impressions of what works and doesn’t work.

But speaking of going to Vegas, you can earn Starwood points for gambling in the Westin Casino.  I assume I won’t earn much since I don’t play anything other than penny poker, but this is definitely good to know.  Especially since $10 in comps translates into 1,000 in Starwood points (which, of course, transfers to 1,250 points on some airlines).

Oh and no, I don’t work out in heels!


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