How Much Alcohol Can I Bring into Canada and Ireland (on the same trip!)

In a few weeks, we’re heading to Ireland. As part of this visit, we’re visiting some family members who still live over there. We were brainstorming ideas of Texas-themed gifts we could bring (hot sauce, jalapeno jelly, etc) and we thought about bringing Tito’s vodka. Then the question came up, can we bring alcohol into Ireland?

Another slight hitch in the plans, we’re flying through Canada. My concern is can we bring alcohol into Canada on our way to Ireland? So my real question was, how much alcohol can I bring into Canada and Ireland.

Here are the rules for bringing alcohol into Canada from the U.S.:

“You are allowed to bring in 24-12 oz. cans or bottles of beer or 40 oz liquor or 1.5 litres of wine free of duties and taxes. Any amount in excess of 45 liters will not be allowed entry.”

One 750 mL bottle of vodka is approximately 25 ½ oz so we’re good for Canada. What about Ireland?

Ireland has different rules and regulations depending on if you’re coming from another country in the EU or outside the EU. Here is the policy traveling to Ireland from outside the EU:

Spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, etc) – 1 litre
Intermediate products (sherry, port, sparking wine, etc) – 2 litres
Still wine – 4 litres
Beer – 16 litres

There are three adults traveling, if we check at least three bags, it looks like we can safely bring one bottle of vodka per adult.

We haven’t decided what gifts we’re going to bring, but now we know we have this option available to us.

Update: We went last month and decided NOT to bring alcohol to ensure our luggage was under the weight limit. 

how much alcohol can i bring into canada and ireland

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  1. If you’re just connection through Canada then you are not technically bringing alcohol that is staying to be consumed in the country, thus the Canadian guidelines are irrelevant. What you should check is if Titos is sold in Ireland, and particularly at the Duty Free upon entry shop at DUB. I’ve seen Titos at many international airport Duty Free shops. You might find it’s not worth the effort. Of course, it you were talking about bottles of Balcones Texas whisky, then that would be another matter since it’s not available outside the country.

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