Why Every Traveler Should Sign Up for Google Voice

Every traveler should sign up for Google Voice, especially if they use in-flight internet.

Have you ever been mid-flight and decided to check Twitter?  When you try to login, it alerts you that it doesn’t recognize where you are logging in from.  Then it texts you a verification code.


This security precaution has kept me from checking Twitter in the air (and for those who follow my Twitter feed, you know I compulsively tweet).

This could also prevent you from using a useful Kindle hack that helps in emergency situations.

One way to get around this problem is to turn off all security options on your social media accounts–which I do not recommend, especially if you are traveling.

Another way to get around this is to sign up for a Google Voice account and associate that with your social media accounts.

When the app texts you, you’ll get an email instead.

Sign Up for Google Voice.  Google voice is great for travelers, so they should sign up for Google voice to access their Twitter Accounts and other social media in the air.


You can just copy and paste this password / confirmation code into your browser, which is another bonus.

Now, it goes without saying, but do not sign up for Google Voice and then use that as your confirmation texting code for Gmail.  You’ll get yourself locked out if you ever forget your password since your password will be the key to your verification text.

But for your other social media platforms (and anything else you’d need to use text-verification for), Google Voice can allow you to easily verify things in the air.


Sign up for Google Voice Success
A man who apparently just signed up for Google Voice?



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  1. That might be a reason to do so, but far greater for me is international travel when I don’t have a local sim card. I was nearly stuck in Doha since the flights Delta had put me on to Dubai were getting canceled by FlyDubai. I was with agents for 3 hours before finally getting put on an Emirates flight, but Google voice saved my ass. Also a nice phone number to put down when I sign up for something that I don’t want to get phone calls from.

  2. I’ve used it for years with an obihai adaptor for use as a home phone. I also can suggest the gv phone app which works great. Typically free use in the USA and very very cheap overseas, like 1cent per minute type cheap. Works well on most hotel WiFi systems as well.

    • Staying a little off topic I too have the obihai adapter. No more home phone bill and can receive texts on the same number with the GV iphone app. Haven’t tried using internationally but will keep that in mind if needed.

    • There’s a HUGE pitfall here – You can **NOT** call 911 with Google Voice!

  3. I have had nothing but problems with google voice. Initially it worked wonderfully. It allowed me to make and receive free calls from all around the world. Then I added the talkatone app to access my google voice as google voice could not be updated from my area. Talkatone stopped supporting google voice.

    So for the past year now, google voice has stopped working and I can’t get it to work properly. I can only use it in the united states, and because my phone is registered outside of the US, it won’t allow me to upload the app.

    It is so unreliable and the delay is often annoying. I cannot imagine anyone using it for a home phone. Anyone talking to you must be very patient and willing to deal with the delay.

    Only good side is the app is free.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’ve never used it as a phone before. I do find the feature where you have to state your name a bit annoying. (Meaning, when I’m calling someone with the Google Voice number).

      But it’s worked great for me for transcribed voicemails and texting. I have it permanently set to Do Not Disturb for phone calls.

      • The “state your name” part for a caller is a feature enabled by the person you’re calling. In the early days of using GV I had it on, but very quickly disabled it.

        I have GV piggyback on my company-issued cell and have it as my only self-identifying number. Since I don’t have a personal cell or landline, GV meets all my needs, especially after they integrated it with Hangouts last year. FINALLY Google Voice can send & receive MMS!

  4. If you use Mac OS X and have an iPhone your SMS will show up in Messages on the laptop.

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