Vodka Pipeline Discovered and Shut Down in Kyrgyzstan

Two years ago, Belguim was building a beer pipeline.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  But then I came across something even more awesome, but it was unfortunately shut down.

Authorities shut down a vodka pipeline in 2013 after they discovered it through a routine inspection.

vodka bottle shots

From Slate:

Kyrgyz customs officials have shut down a pipeline that had apparently been used to transport illegal vodka over (or rather under) the border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan:

The 20-centimetre-thick, half-kilometre-long pipe had been laid beneath the border river Chu, said the police official from the northern Kyrgyz city of Tokmok.

(If you are interested in the history of using pipelines to smuggle alcohol, check out the Slate article).

As this video points out, when smuggling items, the term “pipeline” is used a lot.  This pipeline was literally a pipeline.

According to Harpers, they believe thousands of liters of vodka made it through before they discovered the pipeline.

I would welcome an alcohol pipeline, and I’m not choosy.  Either vodka or tequila is fine.

But just keep my grandmother away from it.

From someone living in state commonwealth where you can only buy liquor from the state, I dream of easier ways to get alcohol.  This seems idea!

Well, not the smuggling part.  Well, unless it’s smuggled by someone who is roguishly handsome.



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