Pilot Accidentally Makes His in Flight Announcements to Air Traffic Control (hilarious!)

A Qantas pilot made all of his in-flight announcements on the air traffic control line by mistake.  Since he went through all the announcements without taking a break, he clogged up the entire ATC line.

pilot captain announcement
Dramatic reenactment.

In addition to interrupting the conversation on the ATC line, he didn’t take enough of a break to allow anyone to point out he wasn’t making this announcement to the passengers.

When he was finally informed, the pilot said “DOH!”

No kidding.

The hilarious exchange is here.  (Please be warned, for some reason, there’s a bit of loud music during the final few seconds.  It started me the first time I watched it).

According to the comments, the beeping you hear is the ATC trying to cut in.

The first thought I had was, “wow, he has to say all of that all over again!”

But he isn’t the first to do it.

Someone in the Youtube comments for this video admitted:

I did the longest PA ever after a technical delay over the radio frequency once, got a standing ovation in the crew room!

I found another video where a pilot messed up the in-flight announcements.

A commenter on this video confessed this story:

Once I accidentally keyed the mic and had a sneezing attack followed by blowing my nose on the emergency frequency. Some Speedbird pilot was nice enough to say, “Bless you”.


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