Multi-Purpose Shoes Make Beach Drinking Easier

My beach-ware of choice is Reef.  And they’ve come up with an interested invention–shoes with build in bottle openers.

reef shoe beer openers

beer opener

I usually remember to bring a bottle opener with me, but I’ve definitely had it go missing too.  It can fall into the sand and then… well, it’ll be an artifact for a future generation to find some day.

Just don’t let someone be too vigorous with opening beverages with your shoe–you don’t want to sacrifice the sole!

Reef used to have a shoe with a built-in safe as well (for your valuables).  My guess is that product didn’t fare too well once people actually took it into the ocean.

Now all I need is an easier way to make margaritas on the beach…. and I’m set.

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  1. Yeah, it’s clever and all, but what about after you’ve used a public beach restroom? You really want to open your beer with that sandal then?
    Nice blog, thanks for writing!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I was out to dinner with a bunch of people and we just all collectively “ewwwwww”-ed in response to your comment. Good point!

  2. Margaritas on the beach? I’ve got one of these coming this summer, the product of one of kickstarter’s best funded campaigns : It’ll cover your margaritas plus a whole lot more! I’ll let you know how it works out. Or better yet, let’s head to the beach and give it a test drive!

  3. If you really want to be smart you wouldn’t take glass bottles to any beach, pool or lake I’m thinking. +1 on the wear them in he toilet, street, condom on the beach or mud puddle and it takes away my interest in a hurry 🙂

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