Cursed Treasure App: Great for Flights, Even Without Wifi

Cursed Treasure is the first game in a series created by Ninja Kiwi and acquired by Armored Games.

While the first Cursed Treasure is less visually appealing than the follow-ups Armored Games worked on, it remains one of my favorite in flight video games.

The plot is this–you are a evil-master mind, just minding your own business, when all of these “heroes” go on a quest to claim your gems.

Or, as I like to put it, rob me!

You build a series of towers that are upgrade-able in different ways to try to secure your gems from being touched.  So it is a tower defense game.

As the game progresses, so do the heroes, as newer and stronger ones pursue your gems.

There are three levels of “wins” in this game.

  1. Having at least one gem left.
  2. Having all your gems left.
  3. Winning without anyone even touching the gems.

I enjoy having these different levels of winning.  It increases the play-ability of the app.  As I grow strong, I can go back and replay levels to get higher score.

The towers have fun abilities too.  They are loosely based on the elements–earth, fire, and ice.

cursed treasure review

The ice element is my favorite of the three.  You can upgrade that one into a crypt that sometimes scares some of the heroes away.  Even after playing this for so long, it cracks me up when a bunch of the more brawny heroes are all running around in circles screaming.

You gain gold for defeating the heroes to build more towers (or upgrade the existing ones).  You also eventually gain the ability to do magic, and have a mana meter for spells.

The spells are mostly only useful for removing forest to have more room, and for when you are panicking and need to destroy a bunch of things in a fire-y mess.  So my mana is usually either full or empty.  There’s no in between, because once you need it, you’ll be button mashing at that point.

When you defeat a level, you gain experience points, even if you played the level before.

The only downside is that getting distracted can cost you a perfect win–and these levels can take a long time to complete.  Sometimes, I’ve looked up to thank a flight attendant for bring my drink, and I look back down to see I’m missing a gem.


There’s a lot of overall upsides to this game:

  • The game takes a long time to beat, so you won’t run out of levels for a while
  • It does not require Wifi, unless you want to buy in-app purchases (which just make the game easier.)
  • The different abilities of the heroes get pretty interesting, and you have to keep changing your strategy to adjust.
  • There are multiple upgrade paths for the towers, and sometimes you’ll need to sell them to adjust to the new types of heroes who are coming.

All in all, it’s a slam dunk for me.  Last I checked, it was about $1.99 in the app store.

The other Cursed Treasures are worth a play, but I think after you purchase this one.  The other ones assume a knowledge of the upgrade paths of these towers.  And while the graphics are much better in the newer ones, I really love the pure game play of the original.  Sometimes they get too cute in the newer ones, which I’ll go into in another review.

If you want to check it out first, they have a free online version of the game you can find here.

What’s your go-to in air video game?

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