Maximizing Business Travel (My presentation notes)

I just spoke at Frequent Traveler University on maximizing business travel and had a bunch of requests for the slides.

First of all, here are some things I’ve already written on this subject:

1.  Why Elite Status is good for your company

2.  How to keep track of business expenses

Here are the slides.

There are some gaps where I was speaking rather than putting the specific information up there.  But the picture of the boring wall was a shot of my view during most of one of my work trips to Vegas.

And I brought up the time my plane got hit by a truck.  Yes, by a truck.

I could turn the talk into a series of posts (or even record a presentation maybe) if there’s interest in learning more.

(Also, check out Travel Codex’s information on using ITA–it can help a lot).

One of my big points were that the stock photo industry lies to us and makes business travel looks super glamorous.

The Delta ad I link to in the presentation shows a more realistic view of things.

The lie:

business travel

The reality:

business travel

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  1. He still looks way too fabulous for that to be the reality. It’s clear that his “unkempt” look is very deliberate. The second picture, I think, is at best a half-truth. And I’m pretty sure I recognize the girl in the top photo from other stock photos.

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