The Curse of Business Travel

For work, I’ve gone to Hawaii and Las Vegas and Tampa and Austin and… well, a lot of places.  I’m lucky to get to see so many places for “free”.

But the Short Final tweeted this article at me on his own business travel at me.  And it is oh so accurate.

I tweeted this back:

maui wall

My view for the week I was in Maui.  Which is very similar to when I was in Vegas.  Which is very similar to when I was in… you get the point.

In my younger, more limber days, I was a figure skater and traveled a lot for that.  One year, Nationals were in Chicago.  This wasn’t just my first time in Chicago, it was my first time off the East Coast.  And I pretty much saw the inside of the ice arena.  (Except for a trip to Ed Debevics, which was so fun, I’m actually scared to go there again and somehow ruin the memory!)

And in addition to all this, business travel can feel so lonely sometimes.  I usually opt for the bottle of wine as my Diamond Amenity instead of the point (I’ll pause while the shock wears off), and one time, burst out crying at the two glasses sitting next to the wine bottle.

That’s not the norm of course, but was the effect of trip-after-trip-after-trip adding up for me.

So the Short Final has some tips here on how to make business travel more exciting.

I started learning that when you feel lonely–get thee to a bar.  That’s what all the other business travelers who are looking for someone to talk to do.

Which is why I’m not a fan of the ordering-from-an-app-trend.

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