This Man Lives in a Boeing 727

Bruce Campbell lives in a retired 727 located in the forests outside Portland, Oregon.

727 home

No, really.

In the category of THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME, Bruce Campbell decided to move into a Boeing 727, rather than build a traditional home.

I originally found him on YouTube, but he has a website dedicated to his home here.

His dream is that rather than allowing aircrafts to be scrapped, we turn them into homes.  As he says in the following video, he believes if aliens exist, they would find it silly that we destroy old airplanes rather than use them as homes.

A tour of his 727 home is here:

Bruce Campbell is a retired electrical engineer.  According to Digital Trends, he purchased the craft for $100,000.  He put $120,000 into the renovations.

According to Bored Panda, he only lives in this structure six months out of the year.  He is looking to purchase a 747 in Japan, where he lives the other half of the year.

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  1. I kind of expected the inside to look more…uh…”finished” given what he invested in it. Like those houses made from shipping containers.

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