Can’t Get to Broadway? Watch a Live Stream of the Performance Instead

I love technology.  I’ve been a huge fan of watching the videos of Broadway shows.  My favorite so far has been Legally Blonde because it immortalized Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods (and gave me something to watch when the show closed).

© Mb2006 | - Broadway Photo
© Mb2006 | – Broadway Photo

But those were planned recordings that were edited after the fact (and drop references to the fact that they are being recorded for home watch).

They weren’t live.

The She Loves Me revival is breaking new ground by doing a real livestream of the show.   For $9.99, you can watch the show as it is happening on June 30th.  This is the first time a Broadway show will be streamed live.

According to Variety:

The Roundabout revival [ed. She Loves Me] seems a good candidate to give livestreaming a shot because, as a limited run set to end July 10, the show and its producers need have little fear of cannibalizing future live audiences. The gambit can also serve to pump up the Roundabout brand overall, while the digital capture, which will be available to subscribers in BroadwayHD’s on-demand library, can yield an ongoing trickle of revenue.

I hope this goes well and I hope other shows expand into doing this.  How many people can realistically expect to get into Hamilton?   How many people can make it out to Broadway?  (Though if you do make it out to Broadway, try your luck at the Broadway ticket lottery for cheap tickets–now available through an app).

I was lucky that I got to see so much Broadway growing up.  The student tickets were a godsend, and it inspired a lot of my non-travel life work.  (Though maybe if I get successful enough some day, it will also be part of my travel life.  😉   I can dream, right?)

Not many children get that level of access.  This is a great way to make Broadway more accessible and feel part of the actual performance–mistakes and all.

(For more fun with Broadway, here is a clip of the cast of BOTH the Lion King and Aladdin doing a sing off in an airport during a flight day).

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