Ask a Promoter: What do you want to know about Las Vegas Club access?

Last week, I told you how to get free club access to a lot of the Las Vegas clubs.  Following that post (and following the one written a few years back), I’ve received a lot of questions about proper etiquette and what to expect.

While I can speak to my personal experience, what I choose to do, and what I think is right, I asked one of my trusted promoters if he could go through all the questions I got and answer them from his perspective and he agreed.

XS club

I wanted to open the floor to see if anyone had any other questions about Las Vegas clubs or promoting before I sent the questions over to him.

The types of questions he’ll be answering include:

  • What is the tipping etiquette for promoters?
  • What can men expect from clubs and VIP lists?
  • What does the process of getting a table look like?
  • Do promoters have other day jobs?  Do they get to go clubbing at all?

Please leave your questions in the comments!  Depending on how many I get total, I may not be able to pass all of them onto the promoter.  But if I have to pick and choose, I’ll pick from the questions that seem to be in the most demand.

What do you want to know about Las Vegas night clubs?

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  1. Will men be allowed in clubs if they’re wearing jeans?

  2. How do I find the right club for me?

  3. Were going out for my wife’s 30th birthday. I want it to be special (bottle, VIP, etc) but it’s also only 2 of us. A $2,000 table really isn’t an option. Any suggestion on other ways to make it special, without the benefit of a large group yo spread costs? Thanks!

    • Related question…planning a bachelor party in October with a small group and would like to do bottle service at one of the higher end clubs in Vegas. Suggestions for getting a table locked in ahead of time at a reasonable cost for 4 people?

  4. Is there any such thing as a club that’s conducive to having a conversation? Also, thanks for answering my questions about hookers and blow.

    For my friend, I mean. He thanks you.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Oh anytime.

      There are lots of lounges that are conducive to having a conversation in Vegas. I LOVE the chandelier lounge. They usually have 40s style music live music in the background (lady on the piano and everything).

      Sometimes the clubs are, but it usually means they didn’t bring in the number of people they intended to.

  5. Wow! Answers to these questions would be great as I plan my trip to Vegas. Any chance you have an updated page with the responses from your promoter friend?

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