Visiting an Area You Visited Before… in a Video Game

One topic of conversation that came up in the Hangout on Thursday night was visiting places you were really familiar with, but only because you played it in a video game.

When a friend visited, he knew his way around DC–because he had played Fallout 3 extensively.

That game was especially eerie for me.  Well, because I ran past where I lived at the time.

And yes. Washington Blvd. is a real road that I lived near.

And I’m just starting Assasin’s Creed: Unity.  I haven’t played long enough to see how accurate the streets are.  But districts are pretty accurate.

Another person commenting in the chat said that he realized he was mentally checking off a list of places he had once ruled in Civilization as he traveled.

And I never realized how much Brightwall in Fable 3 looked like Epcot until I had a really surreal moment when walking around the countries of Epcot after a very large Fable 3 binge.

Have you ever noticed you’ve been somewhere before–just in a video game?

(Note: I have yet to visit anywhere featured in one of the Super Mario Games)

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  1. Since I live in San Francisco, playing Driver: San Francisco was cool. The only issue I had was that while the city was realistic to a point, I had to throw out all of my real world knowledge of the streets, since it had obviously been modified for the game. Found this out the hard way very early on when I turned on to a street I thought I knew, only to drive straight into a building.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I actually totally laughed out loud at this comment. I think I’d find it hard to forget everything I knew about a city and relearn it for the game!

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