How to Get into Las Vegas Clubs for Free

If you know the right people, you can get into Las Vegas clubs for free.  Luckily, I have a list of some of the right people.

Two years ago, I published a guide to getting into Las Vegas clubs.  I’ve updated that guide to reflect new promoters and new clubs.


When I went to Las Vegas, I didn’t pay for any drinks or for any admission at any of the clubs we went to.  No, this wasn’t because I’m a travel writer and I was comped for that.  There’s a way to get onto lists in Vegas as you go.

(there is a list of contacts past this explanation)

First of all, in Vegas, people will approach you in casinos.  Always see what they are trying to tell you before walking away.  Unless they look super sketchy, that is.

Vegas is a place where deals happen spontaneous, something that took me a while to get used to.  And when I took my sister to Vegas, she panicked for a second that I was talking to a random man who approached us.  Someone who later took us to a bar on top of the Mandalay Bay.

But this is a digital world and you don’t have to wander around Las Vegas anymore hoping for those chance encounters.  People are on twitter and instagram and you just need to know who to contact.

So here’s a list of who to contact.

Note first, guys cannot get in as a group generally with promoters.  Update:  I am seeing more and more guys have luck with this, and in fact–some promoters have told me they can get guys in most nights, so it is worth trying!

If you have girls with you (or come across girls during the day), usually they will put guys on the VIP list with a 1:1 ratio.  Lots of times there is something like an open bar–but only for girls.

If you are a group a girls, when you reach out to people, make it known that you are all girls because you may get more perks.

Also, to make things easier on both of you, text or tweet.  Don’t phone them when I list their numbers.

This is for Guestlist Consideration and VIP Tables (booking ahead is usually cheaper, especially with the day clubs).  If you feel cheeky enough, I think it would be fine to ask if they have anything somewhere with an open bar for girls.

I have used all of these promoters and found them to be extremely helpful, efficient, and were able to get me what I needed.

Hyde Nightclub, Bellagio

(The one by the fountains)
Fred Loguidice
Host | Promotions Lead
IG: FredsList

He said: “I can take care of girls/guys free on my list and girls actually have a free open bar 10:30pm-1am (vodka & champagne) on my list any night we are open.”

You can also get on his guest list through this website.

Tao at the Venetian

Reach out to Justin Mulrooney
Twitter for TAO / Justin
Instagram for Tao / Justin

Texting:  203.376.351O

Also can help with:  TAO BEACH | MARQUEE (Cosmopolitan)  Knows people for LAVO

Surrender / Encore Beach Club (at the Encore)

Reach out to Jessica Lazaro  <– I LOVE JESSICA.  She is a fantastic person.
Instagram for Surrender / Jessica
Texting: 702-544-1057

Also can help with: seems to know a lot of people / is good at referrals

XS at the Encore

Reach out to Kenny Tran
Instagram for XS / Kenny Tran
Email:  Kenny.t (at)
Texting: 704-883-5831

Also can help with:   TRYST

XS club

Hakkasan | Omnia | Wet Republic | Jewel | The Bank | 1Oak | Bare | Liquid

Las Vegas Day/Night Clubs
702-466-2260 “WhatsAppFriendly”
Lyfred Sanico

If you need help for a club not on this list, let me know and I’ll reach out and get that club added to here.

But here’s the important part:

Best practices for using a promoter:

1. Don’t cheat on your promoter.

For the most part, promoters seem to respect each other’s turf.  But if you are following your promoter’s instructions, trust them.  You may get someone who offers to walk you in by the door.  What they are doing is trying to “steal” you as someone they brought in vs. the promoter.

2. Plan ahead but not too far ahead

If you want to get into XS at 11pm and you text someone at 10pm, it’s not likely to happen.  On the other side, promoters won’t know how they can hook you up until right before.

I think texting someone the afternoon the day before is more than enough notice.  On a Thursday, I texted Justin with what I was interested in for the weekend and he let me know what was possible given his contacts.  This allowed me to reach out to other people to fill in the times he couldn’t help me with.

3. Don’t go club wild

We went a bit club wild but because all of the clubs were in the same two connected hotels (the Wynn and Encore) and we actually went to all the clubs we got into.  But there’s no way you are going to Marquee, Tryst, Lavo, Tao, and XS all in the same night, so please be fair and respectful of the promoters’ time.

4. Don’t ask them about free drinks repeatedly

They’ll offer what they can to you.  The only exception to this is I think it is fine to say, “there are women in our group, is there an open bar for them at all at the club”.

5. Show Up at the Times They Ask You To

There’s a reason they are asking you to show up at those times–that’s when they can get you in.  If you can’t make the time, politely text back and say that.  If they can offer anything different, they will.  If not, they may offer a different club that meets your time needs.

But if you were planning on going somewhere in between and that’s why the time doesn’t work, if you get stamped you can go back in.  So for example, we went to XS, got stamped.  Went out to a few clubs, then came back when the main act, Diplo, was on.

Edit:  Also feel free to tell them where you found this.  They all gave me permission to include their contact information so they would be expecting people from this blog.

If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

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  1. What do you usually tip the promoter?

  2. Hi! Thanks for all the information! I’m havin a really intimate group for my stagette just 3 of us in total! Was wondering if you have the numbers for anyone at marquee day club??

    Thank you!

  3. Great advice if it works for guys. I know attractive ladies usually have no problems.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I know for a fact my contact at Hyde at Bellagio can get guys in for free. I’m pretty sure Justin can at Tao too. I haven’t tried guys with Jessica or the others (but if anyone has any luck with it, please report back!)

      • No results from guys? How sexist !

      • My boyfriend and I were in Vegas last week and Justin got us both in at Tao and Fred got us in to Hyde at the Bellagio with no problem at all. We also were on the VIP guess list for Marquee but we were unable to attend because the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert we were attending ran later than we expected. Your information was great and we thank you for it!

  4. Thank you so much for good tips!!!
    I was wondering if you have contact numbers for Drai’s day/night club?
    Much appreciated!

  5. Thank you for the great information…Vegas will be so much more fun..

  6. Hey I’m going to be celebrating my 21st in Vegas in June do you think you could help me with the planning you seem to really know what you’re doing and I’m from Iowa so I have no idea what I’m doing!

  7. Hiiiiii,

    I’m going to Vegas this weekend with two couples and then myself, 5 total 3 girls and 2 guys. I know since we have two guys with us things gets a little harder to get in free. Do you think it would be convenient for me to contact promoters for all 5 of us or if I broke off and contacted them just for myself?

  8. Hi! I just booked my flight for May 2-4th to celebrate my sisters 21 bday.. is there any way you can help us 2 ladies with some planning? This is the 1st trip for both of us and we would love to go out and paint the town red! Just not sure how lol!! and yes we are some cuties!

  9. Hi, do you have a promoter who could help my husband and I get into marquee?! Thanks in advance!

  10. hi jeanne. great article. i am sending you an email with a few questions regarding promoters for our ( male and female couple) upcoming trip to vegas.

    your help is sooo appreciated!
    thanks in advance.


  11. Hey Jeanne!

    Thank you for the great tips. I am travelling to Vegas this weekend (Its my first trip to Vegas and also a first to the States (lol). We are 4 international students (three girls and a guy). I was wondering if you could help us out. Its my first trip and i am so stoked about it. Any help would be great.


  12. Going to Vegas this week 5/1-5/5.. Is Jewel worth a visit on a Monday.? Also Hyde or Omnia Tuesday?
    I’m single dude traveling for work.. best advice for no cover?

  13. Hey! I’m a fireman from New York going to Vegas with my buddy for my 30th. who do you recomend we reach out to?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Justin on that list now also does promotions for a bar crawl that I heard is really fun. It might be worth checking out.

  14. Hi thanks for the help! I’m going to Las Vegas next weekend with a group of women and we are interested in going to Marquee Day Club. Do you have any connections for this? Thanks!

  15. Looking for a good contact for marquee day club and night club “Male Here”

  16. Hi! I’m traveling to Vegas with a group of girls. This list is really helpful. Just wondering if these promoters would have hook ups for no-cover entry to clubs when DJs like Calvin Harris, Avicii, etc are there?

  17. Hi!! I’m travelling to Vegas next week. And meeting up with 4 high school friends.. problem is I’m the only girl in group. Would any of these clubs let us in for free? Or will it be a problem as there’s not enough girls in our group? Where would you advise we go? Thanks so much… I appreciate it.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It would be difficult. The Fountains might be your best bet, but you are at a bad ratio. If you still want to go even if you have to pay entry, it would be worth reaching out to get on a guest list to not have to wait in a long line.

      • Thank you for responding back so quickly!! I’m trying to see if we can get a couple of girls to join our group so it’s an even ratio! Also do they all need to bring passports to show at the door? Thanks so much!

  18. Hi, great list! Thanks for the info. Going to Vegas 9/28-10/2. Our group has 4 women and 1 man. Do you have any contacts at Drai’s? I know they have a lot of performers their so it might be hard but any help/advice would be appreciated.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I don’t have any personal contacts. Here’s someone to try with the caveat that I have never worked with them and I don’t know them personally at all!

      Solomon Phillips | Drai’s Nightclub & Beach Club Las Vegas | For Guest List & Tables contact +17025385344

  19. I wish I would have seen this list
    Before we came to Vegas ! We are planning a return for MDW it would be couples. We would be ok getting something at the dayclub (daybed) how far in advance do we contact promotor?

  20. I wish I would have seen this list
    Before we came to Vegas ! We are planning a return for MDW it would be couples. We would be ok getting something at the dayclub (daybed) how far in advance do we contact promotor?

  21. Hi Jeanne, we are 7 men going on the last week of Sept 17′ to Vegas, and would like to know your advise or any updated contact you can provide to access any of nightclubs, what would you suggest? I know it’s hard for a group like this, but trying to find a way as this is a bachelor party.

    I already booked a resto night at Tao that would give us access to it’s nightclub, but the other nights, I’m kinda lost… thanks!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      You can still try reaching out to the list to get on the guest list (so you don’t have to wait in line). Fountains at the Bellagio might be able to get you some comped access.

  22. Another fantastic option is No Cover Nightclubs. They free guest list options for all the nightclub and dayclubs in Las Vegas done through their website for free. Super easy.

  23. This are really excellent tips you have shared. I have been working in the Las Vegas nightlife industry for a while so decided to make a website that gets access to all the guest lists at all the clubs since my clients are always asking about how to get in the clubs for free. Knowing a promoter or host is the best way to get cut discounts or in for free. I always tell guys to just show up with an equal number of girls in the group and then they clubs are far more willing to offer discounts or just let your whole group in for free. If you are a guy and you want free bottle service, you should become familiar with a host who works for the club and them get a group of about 6 hot girls and they club will in a lot of cases comp you a free bottle. If you are a girl, you can do the same.

  24. What do they want in return?

  25. Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for the super helpful article!
    Do you have a contact for the Marquee in the Cosmopolitan?


  26. Hello, we are 7 girls going to vegas for a weekend. I know steve aoki will be at jewel and david guetta will be at Xs. Do you think we all can get in for free.

  27. I just returned from a weekend trip to Vegas and the only one of the promoters on this list that got back to me after I reached out to them was Lyfred Sanico. I am eternally grateful to him after he got my group of 10 guys and 3 girls into Hakkasan, Omnia and Wet Republic completely free of charge! We even got to skip the guest list line when we saw Kaskade at Omnia on Saturday night, can’t recommend him enough! The 1:1 guy to girl ratio requirement doesn’t exist, at least at the clubs that Lyfred works with.

  28. Hi Jeanne,
    I will be heading to Vegas on April 26th with a group of 15 ladies and we are hoping to get into Drai’s or Tao on the 28th. Do you have a contact for Drai’s and do you think we can get in with a group that big?

  29. Hello! Is there any recent update on if Kenny is still a promoter for XS? Heading to Vegas weekend after next. Thanks!

  30. The best site for Vegas nightclubs is They don’t take your money, they work directly with actual club hosts at each club. They also have a very active nightlife discussion board. Looks like all the clubs in Vegas actually advertise on the site too. Ive used them for 5 years for when I go to Vegas.

  31. Hello, I just read this article and noticed that Lyfred is no longer with the Hakkasan/Omnia/Jewel/1 Oak/Wett Republic team. I am a current promoter for that team, you can find me on Facebook & Instagram as Jordan Pangrazzi(I have 1 business and 1 personal account, add me on whichever) or on snapchat at Jordanvegasvip. I go hard for my people to make sure no one has to pay to get in, and I will outline very simple guidelines for everybody. Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from you, & my direct contact number is listed in my bio as my website.

  32. I’m 45 and myself and my daughter 23 our heading to Vegas for her birthday and a mom/daughter trip. It’s our first time going. We both love clubbing and the night life. Is it going to be a issue for us getting into one of these places listed with it only being the two of us and myself being 45?

  33. My friends and I had a blast at Tao! It’s such a beautiful nightclub and we had so much fun! Can’t wait to go back..

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