Thoughts About (another) Weird Hyatt Booking Bug

I’ve come across another strange Hyatt booking bug.

I think it only happens in Chrome, but I keep trying to book award stays that never go through.  When I click *book*, it says my session has timed out.

I think I found a common thread to whenever I have this problem.  For some reason, when the Hyatt property is available on points the first night but not the second night, it sometimes has displayed points as an option when booking.

Then the website freaks out when I choose that option and ends my session.  Because that option isn’t actually available.

When I break up the trip, I can book the first night on points and the second night in cash.

YMMV with this problem, but I figured I’d drop a note about it in case anyone else is having a frustrating time with it.


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  1. Mind reader! The exact same thing was happening to me last night – of course as I was trying to book rooms at the Baha Mar before they went up – and it was making me crazy. It also kept pulling up the other members of my family who all have Hyatt accounts, even though I had logged out of their accounts (repeatedly!) and logged into mine. I just gave up.

  2. Hello Jeanne Marie,

    My name is Andrew Vaughan, and I am the Director of eCommerce and Marketing Development at Hyatt. Your experience is definitely not what we are aiming for!

    We are going to start work immediately to remedy this issue. During this time, do you have a preferred method of contact that we may be able to ask you some followup questions regarding your experience? We want to do whatever we can to make this right.

    I have provided my direct email address along with this comment. I look forward to hearing from you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out directly if I can be of assistance in the future!


    Andrew Vaughan

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