Couple Attempts to Hide Acts on Plane via Coat Over Laps Despite Also Being Topless

The New York Daily News reports that a couple was arrested during an attempt to join the mile high club.

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They attempted to cover up the act by draping a coat across their laps despite the fact that the woman (who was on top) was also completely topless.

My two favorite lines from this article:

Dunn demanded Lander get dressed and asked her to put her breasts back inside of her bra, he said. Once she pulled up her pants, Dunn separated the couple for the rest of the flight.


 It’s not clear if the two knew each other before the frisky incident.

They might have gotten away with it if they were more discreet–and if they didn’t bite someone after being discovered.  Oh, and if they didn’t assault a police officer as well.


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