US Airways Elites Aren’t Elites When Using American Miles

Just a note that when using American miles, US Airways Elites do not get the same benefits they do when using US Airways miles.

Any fees, such as late ticketing or redeposit, that would be waived as a US Airways elite are not waived when you use your American miles.

This was one of those things I could see going either way.  I chased it down because my husband has to keep traveling last-minute due to family, but doesn’t always know when he’ll return.  The US Airways award flights are round-trip only, but in some instances, I’ve wanted to book one-way trips on American.

It’s not surprising, but I wouldn’t have assumed either way.


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  1. Clickbait title, much?

  2. Why aren’t you booking with Avios?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Good question! A dearth of avios compared to American miles (plus it’s not so short-haul that the avios are a much better value)

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