$6 In-Flight Charger that Works on AC/EmPower/Cigarette Lighter

The last time I bought something that could charge through EmPower, it cost me almost $100.

Meh.com, the new site by the Woot.com original founder, has a mobile device charger that works on AC/EmPower/Car-Cigarette Lighter for only $6.

inflight charger

What I really like about this, other than the price, is it is an all-in-one type deal.  I keep adding to the crazy list of things I have to remember to take with me.

Check out the Amazon reviews though.  Lots of five stars, a bunch of one stars.  It looks like success really depends on the specific unit you get, so YMMV.  I’m gambling, though.

Disclaimer: I do not get any affiliate credit for purchases through this website, though I DO like their new theme song.


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