How to Game Vegas Instead of it Gaming You

I’m always up for a deal or savings.  So then people wonder why I like going to Vegas since the point of Vegas is to take your money.

That’s because I’m always focusing on how to game Vegas (rather than letting it game me).  There are deals to be had in Vegas and tricks to be pulled off–er, not those kinds of tricks.

Here are my favorite ways of gaming Vegas:


1. Find good places with happy hours (all day long) within immediate proximity of yourself.


2.  Tip your way into a gorgeous suite.


3.  Go clubbing–for free.  Including drinks.


4.  Take a free tram instead of the costly monorail.


5.  Get elite status without having to stay even once.


6.  You can also find some rooms for $15.


But a reminder–if you go to Vegas, do not wear body glitter through security.

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Former bartender, still a geek. One equal part each cookies, liberty, football, music, travel, libations. Stir vigorously. +Jeanne Marie Hoffman Jeanne on Twitter

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