How to Get the Hook Up for Las Vegas Clubs

Las Vegas Nightclubs (and day clubs!)

When I went to Las Vegas, I didn’t pay for any drinks or for any admission at any of the clubs we went to.  No, this wasn’t because I’m a travel writer and I was comped for that.  There’s a way to get onto lists in Vegas as you go.

(there is a list of contacts past this explanation)

Click here for the updated 2016 list of Las Vegas club promoters to contact to get into clubs for free.

First of all, in Vegas, people will approach you in casinos.  Always see what they are trying to tell you before walking away.  Unless they look super sketchy, that is.

Vegas is a place where deals happen spontaneous, something that took me a while to get used to.  And when I took my sister to Vegas, she panicked for a second that I was talking to a random man who approached us.  Someone who later took us to a bar on top of the Mandalay Bay.

But this is a digital world and you don’t have to wander around Las Vegas anymore hoping for those chance encounters.  People are on twitter and instagram and you just need to know who to contact.

So here’s a list of who to contact.

Note first, guys cannot get in as a group generally with promoters.  But if you have girls with you (or come across girls during the day), usually they will put guys on the VIP list with a 1:1 ratio.  Lots of times there is something like an open bar–but only for girls.

If you are a group a girls, when you reach out to people, make it known that you are all girls.

Also, to make things easier on both of you, text or tweet.  Don’t phone them when I list their numbers.

This is for Guestlist Consideration and VIP Tables (booking ahead is usually cheaper, especially with the day clubs).  If you feel cheeky enough, I think it would be fine to ask if they have anything somewhere with an open bar for girls.

I have used all of these promoters and found them to be extremely helpful, efficient, and were able to get me what I needed.

Tao at the Venetian

Reach out to Justin Mulrooney

Twitter for TAO / Justin

Instagram for Tao / Justin

Texting:  Two-Oh-Three 376.351O

Also can help with:  TAO BEACH | MARQUEE (Cosmopolitan)  Knows people for LAVO

Surrender / Encore Beach Club (at the Encore)

Reach out to Jessica Lazaro

Instagram for Surrender / Jessica

Texting: Seven-Oh-Two 544-1O57

Also can help with: seems to know a lot of people / is good at referrals

XS at the Encore

Reach out to Kenny Tran

Instagram for XS / Kenny Tran

Email:  Kenny.t (at)

Texting: Seven-One-Four 883-5831

Also can help with:   TRYST

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan

Reach out to Michael Healy

E-mail address:

Texting: Seven-Oh-Two 624-6668

General club help:

This girl wasn’t associated with one specific area and seems to get lists at different places.  Check her twitter feed for what she has.

Angelica Chavez

Her twitter feed


If you need help for a club not on this list, let me know and I’ll reach out and get that club added to here.

But here’s the important part:

Best practices for using a promoter:

1. Don’t cheat on your promoter.

For the most part, promoters seem to respect each other’s turf.  But if you are following your promoter’s instructions, trust them.  You may get someone who offers to walk you in by the door.  What they are doing is trying to “steal” you as someone they brought in vs. the promoter.

2. Plan ahead but not too far ahead

If you want to get into XS at 11pm and you text someone at 10pm, it’s not likely to happen.  On the other side, promoters won’t know how they can hook you up until right before.

I think texting someone the afternoon the day before is more than enough notice.  On a Thursday, I texted Justin with what I was interested in for the weekend and he let me know what was possible given his contacts.  This allowed me to reach out to other people to fill in the times he couldn’t help me with.

3. Don’t go club wild

We went a bit club wild but because all of the clubs were in the same two connected hotels (the Wynn and Encore) and we actually went to all the clubs we got into.  But there’s no way you are going to Marquee, Tryst, Lavo, Tao, and XS all in the same night, so please be fair and respectful of the promoters’ time.

4. Don’t ask them about free drinks repeatedly

They’ll offer what they can to you.  The only exception to this is I think it is fine to say, “there are women in our group, is there an open bar for them at all at the club”.

5. Show Up at the Times They Ask You To

There’s a reason they are asking you to show up at those times–that’s when they can get you in.  If you can’t make the time, politely text back and say that.  If they can offer anything different, they will.  If not, they may offer a different club that meets your time needs.

But if you were planning on going somewhere in between and that’s why the time doesn’t work, if you get stamped you can go back in.  So for example, we went to XS, got stamped.  Went out to a few clubs, then came back when the main act, Diplo, was on.

Edit:  Also feel free to tell them where you found this.  They all gave me permission to include their contact information so they would be expecting people from this blog.

If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!


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  1. #6 Helps to have a Vagina

  2. Hi there – great article. I am actually going to Vegas with about 20 girls during October and found out this new club that just opened and seems to be the club to go to right now. Do you have any information on Life Nightclub at the SLS hotel?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  3. Great article! What about Hakkasan or Hyde on a Friday or Saturday night?

  4. I turn 21 May 21 next year and I’m thinking of going to Vegas but do not know which clubs to go to go to and if there is a way that I can get VIP

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      If it’s your 21st and first time clubbing, Surrender is probably a good one to go to. Not as crazy as the other ones and some good specials for girls (Check out Jess’ contact info above)

  5. Hi! Such a helpful article!! You wouldn’t happen to know promoters for Marquee dayclub and or Omnia nightclub? Is there certain (concise) etiquette in what to text the promoters about asking to be on a guest list as an all girls group?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’d try reaching out to Jessica Lazaro (she seems to know a lot of people)

      Texting: Seven-Oh-Two 544-1O57

      You can say “Hi! Saw you mentioned on Jeanne’s blog. Can you do anything for Marquee Day Club for an all girls group?”

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Also, Michael Healy is associated with the Cosmo so might know something about Marquee even though that’s not his beat.

      E-mail address:

      Texting: Seven-Oh-Two 624-6668

  6. Hello thanks for the info on clubs…. my current situation is my friend (a guy) and I (also a guy) are going to vegas the last week of july for our birthdays. He will be 21 and I will be 22 and I wasn’t sure if you had any good advice on how to get into a club since we are tourists to vegas and don’t have connections. Any advice is better then none thanks for your help!


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The promoters probably can’t get you in for free or anything but might be able to get you on a list to skip the line (but still have to pay $$ to get in).

      If you were just looking to get into clubs, this is one way to go. There are also services that can help you get tables if you are looking to spend more money.

  7. My hubby and I are ending our 5th wedding anniversary in vegas after a trip to Chicago, we are only there for one night n want to make it a good one. The couple we were meeting there got pregnant on us, our plane tickets n hotel (sls) already pd for. : ( i want to have a good time as I have never been to Vegas. . Any suggestions on a hook up for just the two of us?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Since there’s two of you, most of these places only require a 1:1 female/male ratio. I think Surrender was that way, but the woman got a few drinks. You might want to try that to maximize things.

  8. Hi Jeanne,

    You had a great article. We actually work with some of these people that you have mentioned, however, promoters and VIP hosts tend to move quickly from one club to another and promoters tend to short lived. I would advise potential Las Vegas travelers check out Hot Shot Vegas. Since we have been doing this for over 10 years, we have direct contracts to every club, restaurant, hotels, and other activities. We do everything in such mass volume and pass those savings onto our customers.

    With every group that comes to Vegas, we only go off what the budget is allowed. In regards to guest lists and free drinks, those are easy to come by, however, we always found it better for groups have one point of contact for their entire trip, instead of multiple of hosts and promoters who are looking for the highest revenue dollar they can sell you. We understand that Las Vegas can be a “shady” place… which is why we exist. We provide customers with confidence that they are getting the best deal possible from clubs, to hotels, to other activities. We tell how people it really is and they appreciate the truthfulness on navigating Las Vegas…. which is why our reviews our so high.

    Because this message is out of the blue, you can go on and lookup Hot Shot Vegas, and see we have a 5 star review. You can even reach out to any of our reviewers and interview them to know our legitimacy.

    Perhaps the next time you come to Vegas, you might want to experience trying us out and seeing that “doing vegas” can be much easier and less stressful. 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions.

    Jason Bentley

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’ve heard of you guys, but honestly never used you since my all-girls groups can get into all these places for free. What could you do for all girl groups and what is the benefit of doing that over promoters that would make it worth the money?

      Also, I feel like pool clubs end up being the biggest question mark for me in terms of table service. I heard some places can get the table service day club “fee” applied as food and beverage credit, but I haven’t seen that in action. What are your thoughts on that?

      (I almost feel like I should do an interview with you — my email is

  9. I’ll be there in July, just me and another girlfriend. First time to Vegas for my 30th, looking to do Tao and a few other clubs, maybe Liquid for the UFC pool party.
    Anything you could recommend please?

  10. I am visiting Vegas for the first time for my 21st birthday (June 22nd). I decided I want to go to Omnia or XS. I have no idea if I can just show up since it is a Monday night or if I have to buy tickets ahead of time. It will be me, my bf, and my room mate (woman). How can we get in and is there anything I can get for it being my birthday??

  11. Hey,
    Thanks for the article, really helpful!
    My friend (male) and my self (male) are coming from over seas, we are planning on going to see the big djs every night pretty much, will it be a problem to get in? We don’t mind paying if needed just really getting by the line quickly is the most important, but if we could get in for free that’s always the best 🙂

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It is hard to get with just men (especially for free), but those promoters sometimes can get you on guest lists that will help you skip the lines.

  12. Your article was really helpful. Quick question, do you tip the promoter and how are they different from hosts? And do you tip the hosts in addition to the waitresses? Sorry for all these questions.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I don’t tip the promoter. They are different from hosts in that they leave the second you are in (and some don’t actually escort you, you just need to name drop them at the location they tell you). They get paid for getting people in the door.

      Hosts do get tipped.

  13. Hi we are a bunch of 6 girls coming to vegas for a bachlorette. We intend to go to XS, Tao, Hakkassan, and particularly on a Calvin Harris night. Do we need to buy tickets for this event? Also do we need to buy tickets for pool parties? To get in to the nightclubs do we just text the promoter and he/she hooks it up? Sorry for all the questions, in the UK everyone pays at the door!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      6 girls for a bachlorette part should be a cakewalk.

      So for the pool parties, etc., I was able to get comped drinks plus free admission. I went to surrender and the one at the Cosmo (Marquee). I also went into Bare Lounge and had free drink passes but they were only good before 1pm. Those I got from someone standing outside of bare lounge.

      You text the promoters. Also, if someone approaches you during the day, don’t ignore them. They may be offering you something at a club. It’s their job to find groups of women.

      We got free entry for some pretty big names (diplo, avici) but your results may vary.

      Feel free to email me at ChicGeekJeanne (at) if you have more questions!

  14. Hi Jeanne,

    Great article and thanks for the info!

    I know that club stuff is always about ratio and how many girls are in the party. Our group is six of us (4 guys, 2 girls), what do you think our outlook is as far as getting into clubs and comps and what not?


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I think you guys could get to the front of the line, but maybe not comps for the guys. I’d talk to a promoter still, but you have better chances at the less popular ones like Surrender. (But inquiring isn’t cheating on your promoter–you can ask around without committing)

      Some of the beach clubs will let you rent a pool side cabana for ~$300, but that usually includes $250 of drinks + skipping the line.

  15. Hi Jeanne

    sorry I’ve been doing some research on Vegas (We go 27th July – Aug 3rd 2016) I’m the best man so trying to do my duty and make sure everyone has a great time. I’m worried because there will be 27 guys and trying to get in anywhere with that many people is going to be a problem. can i use these contacts or are they solely for the opposite sex? great article/contacts

    Thanks Callum
    London UK

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      They might be able to get you on the guest list (but you’d probably still have to pay full price). There’s a slight chance they might comp the groom.

  16. Hi Jeanne

    Great article,
    I’m going to Vegas this week with my gf and her two friends (females) to celebrate my birthday and my two year cancer free anniversary:) I don’t know what clubs to go,? is there a any way you can help me with some choices ?

  17. Great Post! Vegas is my favorite place. I love Vegas.

    Friends, if you are COMING TO VEGAS TO PARTY? Call me at 810-252-0900. I am Vegas club promoter at Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub, located at Wynn Las Vegas. Guest List, Bottle Service Reservations, anything you need or are wondering about, just let me know. Or Visit my website at

  18. Great info thx I only wish I’ve seen this post sooner. I don’t really know how this happened but I’ve become security and driver for nurses and med techs not always the same people, for the past couple of years. In fact I’m taking a bachelorette party (about 10 women) out tomorrow night. I’ll try some of your contacts. I maybe to late but if it works out I’ll let you know. Aloha

    • I’m kinda late here. But my first time I was in Vegas was last year and I wish I would’ve done all this research and come through this. I’m going again this June, so I was wondering if it’s best to contact a promoter once you’re getting closer to the date or maybe in advance to see if they have any extra things to offer?

      • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

        Closer to the date is usually better. They usually don’t know what they can offer until just before.

  19. Hi Jeanne,

    Thanks so much for the info! I am going with just my boyfriend. Will he be able to get in comp? I know you said you remember surrender usually being a 1:1 ratio, but what about some of the more popular ones (haakasan, encore)?


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The more popular ones will usually require something like a 2:1 ratio, but I don’t know for sure there. My friends and I were able to walk some men into Tao on a 1:1 basis on a popular night once, but I don’t know if that was a one-off ability.

  20. Hey Jeanne,

    My girlfriends , sis and I ( 4 girls total) are coming in June. What are the hot spots for pool party and nightclubs? do you think us girls can get in pretty easily? thanks

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yes, definitely. Just contact the promoters a few days before.

      I’d say, Marquee Beach Club, Encore Beach club.

      Hot clubs, XS, Marquee, Tao, LAVO.

      Surrender is more low key but I like it. Bare Lounge is a more lowkey (but more risque) day club.

  21. Hey we are going in a week and have contacted a promoter who is hooking us up (6 girls) with some comp tables and comp tables at the day clubs too. How much should we tip? Do we tip all at once or everyday? He also stated we will get some bottles and pitchers at these locations as well.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      If you are also purchasing bottles, he probably already gets a commission on what you are buying. Since you are all women (and going to the day clubs!), he probably also gets a bounty for you. I don’t think tipping is necessary, but if you wanted to keep being a priority for the promoter, the tipping won’t hurt.

    • Yes you have to pay gratuity n tax on any comp bottles

  22. Hi thank you for this information given. I am going this year with 4 other ladies on Labor Day and would like to know if you know the best activities for such week. We are energetic fun girls who enjoy “Turning Up” as they say and dance to a variety of music pop, house, r&b what are the best clubs for a younger crowd..

    Thank you in advance Jeanne!!

  23. Hi Jeanne thank you for replying. I will be staying at the Hilton grand vacations…
    Also will rent transportation, is that needed or worth getting?
    Thank you

  24. Hi my name is Summer n I’m a promoter for Foxtail pool n night club!! If ever anyone is wanting in at no charge email me at

  25. Hello,
    I’ll be in Vegas July 9th-12th with 2 other girls and one guy. We really want a good deal into Dria’s. You know anyone for here?

  26. Hi Jeanie!
    Your article provided fabulous info! 2 of us (both girls) are going to Vegas for our 30th birthdays! I have been to Vegas before, but my friend has not. I want her to feel like a VIP for her birthday. Anywhere in particular you would recommend? Staying at the Mirage. Thank you!

  27. Hey!
    My two girl group is either not getting anything response back for Guest Lists or open bar or even bottle service for 2/7 or are getting some outrageous quotes (2 bottle minimum on a TUESDAY for two girls?) from who we’ve reached out to so far. My best friend’s birthday is that night and I’m local and she’s coming in from elsewhere in-state.

    We’re interested in visiting either Hyde or Omnia for that night. Can you help? Thanks.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I haven’t personally gone to either of those clubs, so I don’t have a promoter I could throw my support by. I recommend searching the hashtags on Instagram and reaching out to a few different promoters you find there. It’s riskier but it’s better than nothing.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Oh and I should let you know for guest lists (for openbars/free admission), this is too soon to get those deals. I’d wait until week of, but definitely look now if you are trying to plan out botle service.

  28. Very helpful article, Jeanne!

    I will be hosting my sister’s bachelorette party in Vegas in October. Still a ways away.

    Should we wait until the week of to contact anyone?

    Also, which day/night clubs would you recommend for a bachelorette party? One or two being a more low-key alternative?

    Much appreciated!

  29. Hi Jeanne,

    Great article, very helpful. What about a giy travelling solo? That an issue to get into a club? No problem paying the entrance fees or anuthing. Just curious if i would even get in alone.


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It would be good to reach out and get on a guest list. They might be able to help you bypass the line, even if you still have to pay.

  30. Great information, THANK YOU!! I have been to Vegas 6 times in the last year and half & wish I had seen this before.

    I am coming 4/14 through the weekend, bringing my daughter & her BF for their 21st. There will be 6 women in our group. Who is the best person to contact for an UNFORGETTABLE trip of a lifetime? We want to go to RIO, TAO, and Hakaasan.

    Thank you!!!

  31. Margaret Schlamp

    Hi Jeanne,
    Awesome insight and tips! I hope you can help me. I purchased my VIP ticket to Omnia for Thursday, June 15, 2017, to see Armin van Buuren. I’m a big fan of his music for nineteen years. I will be by myself. This will be my first time to Omnia and very excited to soon be there. Flying in from Seattle and planning to be at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from June 13 to June 18.

    Looking for someone to help me arrange for a meet and greet with Armin van Buuren after his performance (Thursday, June 15-2017) at Omnia and with a professional photographer .
    I have an iPhone to contact me and make arrangements to meet-up. I don’t text because of my bad vision.
    I’m trying to have this arranged ahead of time.

    I’m also dedicating my Las Vegas trip in memory of my Mom. She passed from cancer two weeks after her 69th birthday. She loved dance/trance music!

    Also a suggestion of a hair saloon to updo my hair and do my make-up for Thursday evening around 6:00PM before Armin’s show. Any suggestions please.
    Many thank-you’s in advance Jeanne.

  32. Hi,

    I am coming in May 18. Both of my sons will be 21 by this point and that’s the main reason we are coming. There will be a group of around 15 guys. Any help you could offer in order to make it that bit extra special would really be appreciated. We are all serving British Soldiers. Thank you in advance.

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