Nurses Dress Like Flight Attendants to Make Patients More Comfortable

When you think of “comfort,” do you think of flight attendants?

According to the Huffington Post:

Nurses at Lianshui Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Huaian, a city in eastern China, are now wearing flight attendant uniforms… …the new initiative is designed to glamorize the nursing profession and to help foster good bedside manners.

nurses flight attendant

“If you think of all the professions of the world, which one comes to mind when you think of good customer service?” said Bu Haijuan, head of the hospitals nursing unit. “It is airline stewardesses, isn’t it?”

I guess it depends on the airlines.  But if I saw a few of the domestic airlines’ flight attendants coming at me with an IV line…. well, I’m running the other way.


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  1. Original flight attendants back in the 1930s were registered nurses.

  2. Randy Petersen

    I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of the quote they left out ““If you think of all the prepared of the world, which one comes to mind when you think of good hospital food?” said Bu Haijuan, head of the hospitals nursing unit. “It is airline food, isn’t it?”

  3. I would much rather have a stewardess in a nurse’s uniform.

  4. Darth Chocolate

    I lived in China for about a year, and still go back and forth for business on a regular basis. I have also flown many domestic Chinese flights. One thing you notice is that the FAs are all beautiful and somewhat glamorous (especially since very few Chinese rarely even take a domestic flight and flying is much more expensive than busses and trains).

    I think the psychology is more catering to perceptions. FAs in China basically dote on customers (even in Coach) and always have a warm smile and are very polite. EVERY flight over 2 hours I have had on China Eastern or China Southern has had some sort of meal service (a cultural thing) and even shorter flights have snacks that are more than peanuts.

    This does not surprise me.

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