When Random Acts of Kindness Save the Day

I travel by myself a lot and I generally feel safe.

There have been a few time, though, where my spidey-sense has gone off.

One time, when I was in Vegas, I found out some friends I knew were in town the same time.  We decided to go out to a club and stayed out later than I expected.

The club was in the same hotel they were staying in and my hotel was ~0.5 miles away.  Not too bad, but the strip started looking really sketchy at 3am.

Back then, taxis only took cash.  And I didn’t have any.  (People in DC rarely carry cash).  My phone died thanks to being in semi-service at the club, so I literally had no way of calling for help.

A cab pulled up to see if I needed a taxi.  I shook my head and told him I didn’t have any cash.

He asked where my hotel was and I told him.  He asked if I was by myself, and I hesitatingly told him yes (I was worried to admit that at first).taxi

He told me to hop in.  I wasn’t following.  I made sure he knew I had no money and he again told me to just get in.

I got in the cab and he drove me to the hotel.  I dug around in my purse as much as I could and came up with almost $3.

I tried handing it to him and he waved it off.  I started thanking him profusely and he just shrugged and drove off.

He probably missed a fare driving me home.  But I am so grateful and lucky that he drove by and took me to my hotel.

Have you ever had someone randomly do something really kind for you  when you were traveling?  What happened?

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