M life Quietly Removes Big Benefit

One of my favorite benefits of M life has been early check-in  and late check-out.  Mostly the late check-out, as I rarely get in early enough to take advantage of early check-in.

My upcoming trip will be my third trip to Vegas in the last few months.  And I’m getting in pretty early.

When I booked my hotel room, it offered to let me get early check-in or late check-out for about $30.  I thought it was strange to offer me this, given it was a benefit of Platinums, but I figured it was just a standard algorithm.

I went to check the website to see how early I could check-in.  And that benefit has disappeared from the website.

Mlife benefits

Compare this to Hack My Trip’s screen shot of the benefits here.

Rather than only making it available the top elites, it was just simply taken off the website.

I felt crazy for a moment because I had recently checked that list and still found it on there.

I don’t mind losing the early check-in (mostly because places will usually give that to you anyway if they have rooms available), but knowing I could sleep off a late night in Vegas gave piece of mind.

In other areas, late check-out isn’t quite as important (a minor inconvenience) but in Vegas, this is huge.

I called up M life to ask about this and the agent said that even though it is gone as a guaranteed benefit, the hotels may still give it to elites if they just ask for it.  It’s up to their discretion to decide to do it or not, but she thought in many cases, they would.

I hope so, because if I ever get a suite like this again, I want to spend as long as possible in it!

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  1. It is always annoying to see program/status benefits disappear. As I posted on @Gary’s blog, unfortunately, a casinos view of elite benefits is much different than airline and hotel loyalty programs :

    For the most part, in the hotel and airline world one platinum/diamond/gold is “almost” equivalent to another. In the “casino world,” status (or card level) is just window dressing. It’s all about your THEO. If you have a good THEO, or if you had a strong (play) weekend, or a large loss; you are going to get more “discretionary” benefits. That’s not to say some of the benefits aren’t nice (like cutting the lines for taxis, or the buffet); but basically, “Casino Elite Status,” without the requisite theo (and casino action) to back it up provides limited benefit. With regard to casino elite benefits, I still feel CZR-group is best with the “soft touch” benefits.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I’m sure the casinos aren’t impressed by the $20 in penny slots they’ve taken from me over the last few years 😉

      I’ve wondered one thing though–will they ever start paying more attention to low-gamblers who drop big money? i.e., someone who will buy expensive champagne/rack up a bill at the steakhouse/buy out their shoe store? Or will it always be about who drops more gambling?

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