The Monorail in Vegas is Not Worth It

Vegas has a monorail that’s automated.  That part is really cool

But the monorail in Vegas is probably the worst way to get around.

The monorail is positioned behind the hotels.  So you have to walk through the entire casino to get to the monorail.  When you are at the MGM, that’s a really long walk.

The tickets are also $5 each way per person.  Once you have three people, for most destinations on the strip, it makes sense to take a taxi from both a time and cost perspective.

The Deuce bus, along the sidewalk outside of the casinos, is just $8 per day for unlimited rides and is an easy on/off trip.

The Deuce puts you right where you need to be outside of the casinos.

The Deuce also goes to the old school downtown Vegas.

So I’d skip the monorail and just head for the bus.  (Or taxi!)

Also, check out the free tram system available in Vegas (during limited hours).


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  1. I used it on my very first trip to Vegas. Didn’t know any better and stayed at the (old) Hilton and was surprised about how long the strip was. Used the monorail one way and saw nothing but the back of hotels, was expensive, and still walked alot. Been back to Vegas 20+ times since then and never used it again.

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