How to Spend as Little as Possible in Vegas

I’ve already told you hold to get into clubs for free.  So, what else can you do to reduce the cost of going to Vegas?

Vegas seems to be one of those towns where your money grows legs and walks away.  You get in this warped set of thinking where $15 for a drink suddenly seems reasonable (compared to everything else you’ve been seeing in that town).

But I don’t spent that much money when I go to Vegas.  And it’s because I pay attention to deals, even when on vacation.

Las Vegas Skyline

Here are  my main tips.

Don’t take the monorail.  Take the free hotel trams or the Deuce bus instead.  (Here is some extra info on the Las Vegas tram system)

Use this app to find good places with happy hours (all day long) within immediate proximity of yourself.  I’ve drank at the Four Seasons for pretty cheap thanks to this app!

Tip your way into a gorgeous suite.

Get elite status without having to stay even once.

Utilize cheap room deals (like rooms for $15).

Rent designer clothing there for tens of dollars.

Make dinner reservations here to automatically get 50% off your bill.

And check out for show, hotel, and experience deals!

What are your tips to helping your wallet survive Vegas?

(I go to Vegas probably too much, so if you have any Vegas questions, feel free to ask in the comments!)

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  1. 1. Take the WAX or CX bus to/from the airport – it’s $2. Study the route; you can nearby SOME of the strip hotels and nearby all of the downtown hotels.
    2. Use for $19 rides on the LINQ (not always available on their site, but when available, you can save plenty).
    3. Swimming – if ALL you really want to do is hit the pool, and you’re downtown (not on the Strip), you can walk easily north a bit to the Las Vegas municipal pool. Take a locker lock and minimal valuables. Nice big pool with the locals, and a grassy area to lay out. Cost you all of about $2 to get in. Yes, very cheap, and no poolside gambling or drinks, but it is a pool. Much cheaper than paying big money to dream about the women/men you see at the hotel pools….
    4. Stay downtown – El Cortez, for example, ain’t the greatest place, but they comp a lot – after a couple of visits, you can get offers for three free nights, $75 food, and $75 free play.
    5. If you insist on driving the Strip – look a the map and know the side streets. If traffic sucks, go east two blocks and you’ll find emptier roads.
    6. If you are military related, the USO at the airport is open 24/7 and even has chairs to sleep. If you lose all your money and are wandering until the flight out of town, the USO is a good place to hang out. Free food and everything.
    7. Check Groupon before you go for drink and food specials. Some are fairly good, depending on what you like.

  2. Your Hyatt deal link is old and not valid. Does the Hyatt mlife partnership still exist?

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