What Are the Odds for My Baseball Teams This Season?

My favorite three MLB teams have the three best records so far, a third of the way through the season. Math geeks – what are the odds? Show your work. I was okay at math but the worst I ever did was on a test about statistics and factorials in particular.

Each of these teams has encountered recent playoff heartbreak as well.
One of these teams is the Chicago Cubs, which, as many non-geeks know, has endured a considerable World Series drought. No dice since 1908 to be exact, and they haven’t won the pennant since 1945. They came close in 2003 but fell apart in the infamous Steve Bartman incident.
The next team is the Texas Rangers. They TWICE came within one strike of winning it all 2011 against the St. Louis Cardinals but fell in game 6 and went on to lose game 7. &^$(*&%&)#$
Finally, the Washington Nationals, who lately seem to do well in even-numbered seasons, but also lost perhaps their best chance in 2012 in the NLDS against…again…the Cardinals.
I do not like the Cardinals. I’m fine with the bird species, just not the franchise.
Travel geeks who like baseball – will I finally get some redemption this season?
Post written by Bill Glod as part of Other Perspectives

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  1. If truly random chance then (3/30)*(2/29)*(1/28)…0.0246305419%

    But it’s not random, although your fanship is super random…

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