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Victorious German World Cup Team Gets a 747 to Themselves

Apparently one of the perks of winning the World Cup is getting a private flight back home to your victor’s celebration. From the International Business Times: Flight LH2014 — an obvious reference to the Cup — took off late Monday afternoon from Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão airport, headed to Berlin …

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JetBlue to Skip the Check-in Process

JetBlue has announced its plans to scrap the check-in process. From Business Week: “The idea of asking customers to jump an additional hurdle before their flight is an increasingly antiquated concept,” Blair Koch, a JetBlue vice president, said in announcing the new process. “By having the right systems in place, …

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How to Handle an Emergency Landing: Take Selfies?

A plane from Portugal to Holland had to make an emergency landing.  The oxygen masks fell and a passenger took the the opportunities to take selfies in the oxygen mask.  Hey, it’s better than panicking! From the Mirror: If your flight suddenly goes into descent and Oxygen masks fall from …

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Man Attempts to Ruin Ex’s Vacation via Bomb Threat

If you are looking to get revenge on an ex, I recommend not doing what this fellow did. According to SeattlePi.com: Milliren made the bomb threat just before 6 a.m., telling police that his ex planned to bomb a Southwest flight that had just boarded, a Port of Seattle Police Department detective …

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The Points Kid Featured on Bloomberg TV

Last year, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a judge for Launchpoint.  Among the contestants was Robert Karp–a sophomore in High School who had already started his own miles and points company. I can’t even start my own lawn mower. BloombergTV interviewed him today on TV about …

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Nurses Dress Like Flight Attendants to Make Patients More Comfortable

When you think of “comfort,” do you think of flight attendants? According to the Huffington Post: Nurses at Lianshui Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Huaian, a city in eastern China, are now wearing flight attendant uniforms… …the new initiative is designed to glamorize the nursing profession and to help foster …

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