Mule Pilot Hospitalized After Ingested Bag of Cocaine Bursts

A commercial pilot riding in (what I assume is) the jump seat ran into trouble when one of the bags of cocaine he had ingested burst during landing on a flight from Colombia to Houston.

Realizing he was in trouble, he called 911 himself upon landing.

Click2Houston has the scoop, but the video is much more informative than the written story.

I suspect the fact that pilots go through less scrutiny in the airport made him a good target for being a mule.  Do you think he’s an anomaly, or could this be a popular second-job for pilots?


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  1. Just a small detail, Colombia in South America is with an “o”.

  2. He was probably coming from Colombia, not Columbia.

  3. Jeanne Marie Hoffman

    You are both correct, thanks!

  4. yes, I think it is more common than we expect for Crew to carry all kinds of things across borders–drugs, duty free items, and cash (avoid declaring and taxing).

    Most Crewmembers are professionals and wouldn’t do this, but there are always those who break rules…

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