Canada to Allow Personal Electronic Devices During Take-Off and Landing

Personal Electronic Devices FlightCanada will allow personal electronic devices during both the take-off and landing phases of flights, according to Ghetto IFE.

This change would also include laptops, a departure from the US regulations-so check out his post.

Previously, the United States and Europe allowed electronic devices, but Canada and Mexico did not.  This was always a point of confusion on flights.

For example, when I flew to Cozumel in December, many passengers ignored the announcement to shut down their portable electronic devices, thinking it was a mistake.  The flight attendant had to go around and remind people to shut off their electronics.

At one point a passenger started arguing, “but the FAA said that–” and the FA really politely replied back that the Mexican Government didn’t tend to follow rule changes made by other governments.

On the other hand, I’ve heard passengers arguing that Puerto Rico is not part of the United States when trying to get into the US Airways Club.

Live from a Lounge has reported that personal electronic devices are allowed on flights gate-to-gate in India, but not all airlines are implementing it.


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  1. Hooray! Back in January, I was diverted to YYC on ORD-ANC. We had to burn fuel for an HOUR and because it was Canada and under 10,000 feet, the FAs were strict about electronics. Including noise cancelling headphones. *sad face*

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