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Breaking News: Travelers Hate Waiting

J.D. Power’s travel survey discovered this shocking statistic…. Passengers hate waiting. From the LA Times: “The annual study that surveyed 11,370 travelers who flew in the previous 12 months found that satisfaction with an airline was 41 points lower if the flier had to wait 15 minutes or longer to …

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Chunk of Wing Falls off Plane During Take-Off

Speaking of things to be afraid of during travel, a six-foot section of a wing fell of a plane taking off from London City Airport today. According to the Telegraph, there was a loud bang and a large section of the wing fell off: Cole Moreton, a features writer at …

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Did These Flight Attendants Have the Fish or the Steak?

(I had the lasanga) Nine flight attendants fell ill on a US Airways flight from Italy headed towards the United States.  It ultimately had to divert to Dublin. While the flight attendants fell ill, none of the pilots or passengers did. The symptoms, reported by CNN, were: “nausea, running eyes …

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CNN’s Alarmist Piece on Flight Attendant Sexy Selfies

CNN did a piece on how flight attendants are posting sexy selfies on the internet. After introducing the subject and a few example selfies (including one of a pilot), the anchor throws it to the experts to discuss how appropriate it is. Except, I’m not sure CNN understands what the word …

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Swiss International Airlines Certified “Allergy-friendly”

“Allergy-friendly” is a funny way to put it, but Swiss International Airlines just became the first airline to get that certification from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. According to NBC: The airline has removed fresh flowers from the cabins and, starting May 1, all Swiss flights will offer lactose- …

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Bride-to-Be Throws Punches on RyanAir Flight

An hour long delay on a flight coupled with a bachlorette party (drinking the wait away) resulted in a bridal brawl. From the New York Daily News: “I could see shouting and it looked like two girls were fighting. Then I saw the bride run along and jump in,” Tony …

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Castaway Found on Island via Google Maps is Hoax

There’s a story I keep seeing popping up on Twitter and Facebook that is a complete hoax. I don’t want to give it another link, but the story basically is that a woman took a trip seven years ago and went missing.  She created a large SOS message and hoped …

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Brussels Air to Fly All-Female Crew on Saturday

Brussels Air is flying an all-female crew on Saturday in recognition of International Women’s Day. The crew will be aboard the 10:30am Brussels-JFK route. From USA Today: The carrier says the initiative was spearheaded by its female pilots and flight attendants, “who have been playing an important at the airline …

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