Did These Flight Attendants Have the Fish or the Steak?

airplane(I had the lasanga)

Nine flight attendants fell ill on a US Airways flight from Italy headed towards the United States.  It ultimately had to divert to Dublin.

While the flight attendants fell ill, none of the pilots or passengers did.

The symptoms, reported by CNN, were: “nausea, running eyes and dizziness,” which many of the comments on the article pointed out are consistent with food poisoning.

What do you think?

If it is food poisoning, in addition to making sure crew doesn’t all eat the same dish, should they be ensuring they don’t eat the the same restaurant before their flights?  Taste each other’s drinks the night before? (passing on potential germs/bacteria)  Share a bag of potato chips?

How far should they go to make sure that 9 crew members don’t need to be taken off the plane?

Also, what are the odds those were the symptoms of a hangover?

Oveur?   Roger!


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  1. I thought it was fumes in the galley(s)!

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