Experiencing the Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage

The Bare Pool Lounge is a pool at the Mirage that is adults-only and advertises “European Sunbathing”.  That is, top-less.

I was a bit apprehensive about going even though I was promised free entry and drinks if I went (I had run into a promoter for it the last time I was in Vegas).  I had visions of it being pretty trashy, depending on where the crowd took this.  The ads for it didn’t help with Slot Gacor Hari Ini!

bare pool mirage Las-Vegas-Mirage-Bare-pool


When we went in, we saw a completely different scene though.  There were people drinking cocktails and hanging out in their cabanas or in the pool.

It wasn’t quite what it promised (in a good way for me).

bare pool mirage Bare pool


(from the Mirage website, I did not take my camera to the pool)

You can see there’s a bunch of lounge chairs.  In the back, that blue wall is really a series of cabanas with attached infinity pools.  Directly in front of the blue wall are day beds.

bare pool mirage bare pool 2

The lounge chairs/cabanas/day beds were all for rental.  The nice part about the rentals here were the fee was a bar minimum, meaning you could order food and drink to cover the cost.  The hotel cabanas were a fee and not a minimum.

The weekends were the crowded time so even though we considered a lounge chair there were none left for us by the time we got there.

The prices can change dramatically.  Lounge chairs were $100 minimum on the weekend (for all day, so think, you can do brunch/lunch/dinner there too) but around $40 they told us on weekdays, not including Fridays.

But as for the “European Bathing” aspect, it was completely absent.  My guess is people go there to see if people do European bathing, but no one actually goes to do it themselves.  (Is this considered a form of game theory? 😛 )

The Bare Pool Lounge is relatively small, especially when compared to the Marquee Pool Lounge at the Cosmopolitan–the other one we checked out.

All in all, if I went back, I would reserve a cabana with an infinity pool if there were enough people with me to make splitting up the cost (about 5 Cs) worth it in food and drink.

But for the three of us?  No way!

Admission to the Bare Lounge, aside from the cost of renting space (which is optional) is Men: $20 Sun – Thurs, $40 Friday & Saturday; Women: $10 daily.

They just started letting Mirage guests in for free prior to 12 noon.

But if you are a girl, don’t pay the $10 fee.  Usually there are people giving out free passes by the Beatles Revolution Lounge and by the walkway to outside past all the shop (not the front door).  Also, if they give you a pass, ask if they have any free drink coupons, which they tend to.

What did you think of the Bare Pool Mirage?


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  1. AlohaDaveKennedy

    Sounds like discrimination on the basis of sex to me. Management should be now forced to sell the hotel for upsetting special interest groups and using the “g” word. (grin)

    “But if you are a girl, don’t pay the $10 fee.”

  2. I came here once about 7 years ago and there were tons of bare going on.. both good and bad..

  3. What style swimwear would you recommend for guys at Bare pool? Thanks!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Most guys had on board shorts. Very few had speedos on.

      The general look tended to be, if you were hanging out at a beach party, how would you dress?

      Hope that helps!

  4. Is it worth going to Bare during the week to save money or going on a ?Monday and spending the extra $$ for a better party atmos. Going to be in Vegas Sun afternoon – Friday??

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It definitely gets you more of an adult pool without kids running around. The next time I’m there during the week, I might get a cabana. It won’t be absolutely crazy partying, but it wouldn’t be completely dead either. =

  5. Had an interesting conversation with a Vegas cab driver who reckoned that some high end “working girls” frequent these places. Something to keep in mind…

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