Renting Vegas-Worthy Outfits from the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

Vegas is one of the few places you can dress up at any time of the day for almost no reason.  In honor of this, we decided to go all out each day we were there.  We destroyed our closets looking for Vegas worthy outfits when we found out that Rent the Runway has a store in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

You can go in and browse and try things on yourself, or you can book time with a stylist.  We booked appointments with stylists, filled out an assessment ahead of time, and arrived not really knowing what to expect.

We arrived to racks of clothing pre-selected for us and the trying on bonanza started.

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I have to say–the styling alone was worth the visit, let alone the dresses we got to take with us afterwards.  I received really good tips for what to wear and not wear in general.

For example, I threw the first dress on and started zipping.  I was having trouble so I chalked it up to the dress being to small.  The stylist heard me start zipping and then stop.  He asked if I needed help and I said the dress was too small.

rent the runway promo code renttherunwayshowroom“That dress is not too small!” he insisted and I walked out of the fitting room.  As he zipped me, he explained that with an hour glass body type, evening dresses will snag at the butt and up towards the shoulder blades.  Women with that body shape tend to think the dress is too small when it snags, but if I don’t need someone’s help zipping, it’s too baggy to be an evening dress.

Then he jokingly chided me for wearing all my evening dresses a size too big.

As we tried things on, the stylists refined what they pulled for us to try on.  Once we expressed what we liked or didn’t like about a dress, they exchanged things in and out, already knowing what our opinion of some of the dresses would be.

And once I had the dresses I wanted on, I knew it right away.

This was my dress the first night:

rent the runway promo code


Mine and one of my friend’s dresses the second night:

rent the runway promo code


All in all, we felt like a million bucks for about $90 each, all in for both nights of rentals.

When you rent, you get the dresses for four days.  The first dress is full rental price.  The second dress is $30 to rent.

There’s a $5 insurance fee per dress, but if you subscribe to their Pro service online, you also get it in person.

The store also carries purses and jewelry so you can accessorize your outfit on the spot too.

rent the runway promo code

The other great thing about getting something in person is that you get whatever promotional credit you have online in the store too.

You can mail back the dresses after four days, bring them back into the store, or drop them off at the concierge at the Cosmopolitan–any time of day.

When you consider how much it costs to dry clean dresses, let alone the cost of having to buy a variety of dresses for events, I find Rent the Runway totally worth it.  And with the store, there’s no worries about transporting the dress and trying to keep it wrinkle free!

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we’ll both get $20.  You right away, me after a purchase.  That has my Rent the Runway promo code in it.  Feel free to leave your own affiliate links in the comments too!


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  1. Nice post.

    Just go to the Hard Rock Pool Party and you won’t need any clothes 🙂

  2. The first night’s dress = hawtness….second night….not a fan of shiny but the silhouette looks good…

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The shiny sparkles were definitely a Vegas dress. Not sure I’d ever wear it for a night out anywhere else, but I loved the fit!

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