CNN’s Alarmist Piece on Flight Attendant Sexy Selfies

CNN did a piece on how flight attendants are posting sexy selfies on the internet.

After introducing the subject and a few example selfies (including one of a pilot), the anchor throws it to the experts to discuss how appropriate it is.

Except, I’m not sure CNN understands what the word “sexy” means.

Flight crews selfies

What they were talking about were flight attendants posting selfies.  And not all of them even are real selfies!  While the flight attendants appear to be attractive people (or as attractive as people can look with their faces blurred out), this is not what people think of when they say “sexy selfies”.

The flight crew are posing in their flight uniform while doing mundane work.  The experts even mention the hashtag #crewLife.  This is because they are literally documenting what crew life is.

But calling them out for having sexy photos?  And making mile high club innuendo about the people posing?




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  1. /rant

    …but #truth

  2. Isn’t that a big ‘ol FAA violation? Last I checked, Fa’s routinely crack down on passengers taking any kind of photos on an airplane. Can anyone say double-standard?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I don’t think these are in flight, but I do think a lot of airlines have guidelines about how they want their brand to be depicted, which includes when you are in uniform.

    • I do remember people being kicked off flights at one point for taking pictures of the seats/inside of the plane. Hard thing to control these days.

      Edit: Did some digging and it seems to be a rule on some airlines, but not overall. Found this link from United’s Hemisphere publication saying it’s only for “personal events”:

      Oddly I can’t find it on their actual site.

  3. Who cares?? As long as they get their job done, what they do in their spare time is irrelevant. Most of the US based flight crews that I run into are so old they probably don’t know the definition of the word selfie.

  4. Ugh…I’m trying to muster some outrage over idiocy by CNN, but I just can’t…

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