Getting Your Nails Done in the Airport (Butter by London Review)

Butter London Seatac


On my way to the Freddies last week I realized my nails were atrocious!

I did some quick research and found Butter by London has a nail salon in the Seattle Airport.  Who knew there was a Butter London Seatac?

Since all the gates in the Seattle Airport are connected, it was really easy getting to terminal C to check out the nail salon.

butter london seatac


Butter by London is a nail polish company that is based out of Seattle.  They don’t normally have nail salons, but they do have a couple in their home state of Seattle (including this one in the airport).

There are no wet soaks.  Instead they do dry manicures and pedicures.

butter london seatac


The beautician will place your feet directly in his or her lap, coat it in callous cream, and wrap it in saran wrap.  Then instead of exfoliating it post-water soaked, it is exfoliated after the saran wrap is taken off.

It was a bit different, but I still left like my callouses were broken down a bit.  Not as much as a real pedicure, but more than I expected from an airport service.

I also showed the woman doing my mani/pedi my dress and she mixed two nail polishes to make a color she thought would go really well with my dress.

Two meticulously painted thumbs up!

It will never replace a real mani-pedi, but it was better than I would expect in an airport and comparable in price to DC nail salons.


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  1. “Butter by London is a nail polish company that is based out of Seattle.”

    OK, is it just me, or is this just bizarre?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I agree! It turns out the founder is from Seattle, moved to London, started being known for her nail polish mixes there, moved back to Seattle and started the company. Still is weird even with that story!

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