Ordering a Mysterious Box of Clothing (Part 1) Golden Tote Review

A Golden Tote Review

My Golden Tote Review: We’ve written about how much we love Rent the Runway–a service that lets you borrow dresses for events–and how it helps us on the road.

Someone asked me if I heard about the different services that curate clothing choices for purchase for you.  I immediately took the excuse to buy myself clothing opportunity to test this out for our readers.

I had the lowest hope for the first one I tried–the Golden Tote.  While the other services have you fill out extensive profiles on your interests and clothing choices, this one has you chose between one dress ($49 for 2-3 items) or two dresses ($149 for 5-7 items), and then fills a “golden tote” with items they think you would like based on your initial choices.

Surprisingly, it ended up being the best of all the options.

I selected two dresses for myself.

One was a bit quirky, but I loved:

Golden Tote Review

I apologize for my inability to selfie.  My cell phone does not work well and my iPad is bigger than my head.

This dress looks like it is covered in polka dots, but they are elephants.  I was suspicious but curious when I ordered it, but I ended up loving it.

The second dress I selected was this one:

Golden Tote Review

The dress was a bit short, but I’d definitely use it at the beach or in Vegas.  Not a work outfit though!

So then I dug through what they sent me:

Golden Tote Review

A flowy double tank top.  It has a bottom regular tank level that keeps the shirt modest, and a flowy top that feels really springy and has a cool breezy effect when I walk.

Golden Tote Review

A t-shirt that appears to be grey until you see….

Golden Tote Review

The entire back is covered in mallards.  I love this shirt.  I’m wearing it today in fact.  It is quirky without going over the top with the whole quirky thing.

Golden Tote Review

A cute striped dress.

Golden Tote Review

This was the only one I wasn’t a fan of.  It just wasn’t my style and I hate sleeved shirts.  (Plus I have really short shoulders, so long sleeves really throw me).  But the style is something my mom would like, so I’m passing it along.

All in all, I felt like I got more than my $149 worth.  Basically, if you don’t like it, it is all-or-nothing deal.  You can’t keep a few, which worried me.  The other services I subscribed to let me pick and choose, but this was the one I was the most happy about.  It “got” my style without being cartoony about it.

And with all of these boxes, there’s a certain degree of fun to digging through and trying all the styles.

There’s a day when the box “launches,” and that’s today.  Starting noon eastern time, nine pacific, the new styles will launch and you can pick out your tote.

You can see the options already live on their site now, though.

The Golden Tote Review


Please note, I will get referral credit if you go through my links, but this post isn’t sponsored by the Golden Tote and I paid for my own tote.  I am effusive about this product because I liked this one, but as you’ll see soon, I was not as enthusiastic about the other curated clothing boxes.

I’m going to re-order if I can get that eyelet dress in my tote!


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  1. The long-sleeved shirt looks cute on you!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      thanks! It’s a good shirt, but it didn’t feel like a “me style”. Maybe I should walk around wearing it for a while until I get used to it.

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