US Airways Clubs Rolling Out Complimentary Liquor

2013-04-25 09.17.35I was just chatting with the US Airways Club bartender at DCA and she let me know that they’ve quietly rolled out complimentary liquor in the lounge, matching their policies to American’s clubs.

I’ve wondered if American’s clubs were going to drop their level of service to meet US Airways, but it looks like it’s the other way around.

She mentioned, “you know, vodka, gin, but the cheap stuff.”

The one strange thing is they pulled the liquor from display at US Airways.  When I tried bringing that up, she just kept confirming they pulled it.

My guess is they are switching to a consistent brand and are half-way through replacing them?

Either way, this is great news for US Airways flyers and for this blogger.  Maybe a little less good for my liver.


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  1. it’s the opposite way around. AA’s free booze is swill.

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