I, For One, Welcome Our New American Overlords

I’ve been nervous about leaving US Airways behind and embracing American Airlines.  I’ve flown US Airways for a while, defended it to other airline flyers, and find its quirks sometimes endearing.

I even wrote a guest post on American-flying-Pizza-in-Motion’s blog about why I love US Airways upgrade process.

But the American learned the way to my heart.

I’m a huge coffee addict.  In fact, my doctor told me that I needed to stop drinking coffee and my immediate response was, “Yeaaaaah, that’s not going to happen.  What can we do to mitigate the damage I’m going to do?”

But I’m not just a coffee addict.  I’m a coffee routine addict.  And I’ve written about how I would pay extra to have real cream for my coffee at hotels (and how I pick up half and half sometimes when they don’t have real cream available).

While I’ve enjoyed the convenience of having a US Airways club membership, I’ve been disappointed by the use of non-dairy creamer for the coffee.  In fact, I’ve avoided drinking coffee in the lounge and then loaded up on Baileys & coffee in flight (still, second-best to cream in my book).

Since the merger, I’ve mostly flown US typical routes and gone to former-US Airways clubs.  There was a reason I was a US flyer–those were my routes!

But today I took an American flight out of DCA terminal B (terminal C is the former US Airways terminal and my typical location).  And I saw a glorious thing.

coffee american club lounge

Real half & half.  Be still my heart.  Like I said, I’m looking forward to the former US Airways clubs integrating fully with the American “way” of doing lounges.  But now I have a new priority!



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  1. Being in the same position (Former US flyer forced to turn AA), I am yet to see what all the AA fuss is about. It seems that every AA flight I’m on gets delayed or canceled, the planes are outdated, and I prefer Star Alliance over OneWorld. While it’s true that AA’s food is worse than it was pre-merger, US’s food is also worse than it was pre-merger.

    It seems that AA treats their EXP’s well, but for the other 99% of flyers, US is a more enjoyable experience.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The upgrades are definitely much more plentiful for non-top tier flyers. Especially given US policies + there were fewer elites than American had/has.

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