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Security Agent Catches Falling Baby at Airport

Or why you should be concerned about collecting your baby post-security checkpoint before your jacket. From Reddit.com: Redditers posted another angle of the shot too (bottom right of the frame): Is it just me, or does the father try to put the baby back onto the table before someone else …

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Quick Tidbits and Stories

Just a note that I have a podcast up with JenningsWire where I explain how to upgrade your travel on the cheap geared towards newer travelers. I’ve also started writing more news-y articles for the Examiner.  My piece on what the US Airways/American merger means for DCA travelers. Rest in …

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Pilots in the News

There’s been some interesting news about pilots this week–most happening in the last last 24-hours! A United Flight destined for Seattle had to emergency-land in Boise when someone on board suffered a heart attack–the pilot. Over 50% of British Pilots admit to sleeping while flying, while another subset of that …

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